Landscaping Companies in Central New Jersey

At last summer is here and if you have been pondering about getting some landscaping done well you’d better start soon otherwise there will be no time to sit back and view your reshaping of good old American dirt. Fortunately in Central New Jersey there are reputable landscaping companies that have experience and unwavering pride in their creations. Creating a view that is usable, practical and great to look at for years to come has to be planned to be fully effective. If you go around neighborhoods it’s easy to spot the amateur from the professional. I should know. The small wall I built in my front garden is about as straight as the leaning tower of Pisa.

Before calling a landscaper it’s a good idea to do research on what design best suits your needs. You can visit local landscaper’s websites, look in magazines or tune into TV programs like HGTV’s Curb Appeal for inspiration, layout and approximate cost. Get a general idea in your head of what you want before making the call. Treat a landscaping job as you would if you were buying a new car; shop around. Contact at least three landscapers and see which one can come up with a design closest to yours. It’s always best to contract with a local company as they want to uphold their reputation. Give yourself plenty of time to discuss plans, products and of course cost. Ask the landscaper where he buys products, like pavers, stone, trees etc. Landscapers love to show off their work so there will be plenty of pictures to look at.

Grey Rock Supply in Jamesburg is the largest supplier of hard materials to local landscapers. Their forecourt showcases layouts including patio designs and walls that give ideas on color and blends that will help tie your project together. Visit a tree farm to look at size and species.

When you have crunched the numbers, settled on a design and given yourself a time range to get the job completed it’s time to make your choice of landscaper and start negotiating. Landscapers tend to be busy in the summer so remember you will be slotted into a schedule. Don’t expect a landscaper to guarantee completion on a certain day. There are too many variables, such as weather, labor and getting supplies to keep such a promise. If a landscaper promises exact dates move onto the next one. A date range from start to finish is the better compromise.

When negotiating cost ask if the price includes all labor. There should be no surprises. Get everything itemized before signing. Under no circumstances pay for the whole cost before work starts. A good faith deposit is to be expected, which can be followed by a payment half way through with a final payment once the work is completed and to your satisfaction. Monitor progress and don’t be afraid to raise any complaints; better to get problems resolved at the time instead of waiting until the whole job is completed.

Your yard may have to be ripped up so be prepared for some inconvenience. There may be machinery and supplies left during the evening. Make sure the workers keep your yard as tidy and as safe as possible.

Finally enjoy what you are creating. Remember this is an investment in your time and your money. Once the job is completed languish in what you have produced. Enjoy all the new components you have added and most of all show it off to neighbors and friends.

Some local companies are:

– Just Landscapes
– Jersey Designscapes
– Brunswick Tree Farm
– Eco Lawn
– David’s Landscaping

Grey Rock Supply is located at 64 West Railroad Ave Jamesburg NJ 08831. They are the exclusive distributor of EP Henry paver and wall products in the area.

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