Landscaping for Dogs Part of Dumb Friends League Fundraiser in Denver

Dumb Friends are man’s best friends, and the Denver Dumb Friends League has been a voice for those who can’t speak for a long time in Denver. Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. caters to clients who want their yards to be a safe and enjoyable home for their pets, including layout, plants, and pet-friendly features. The company has donated their time and resources to a fundraising effort at the Dumb Friends League facility, where many Denver-area residents find and adopt their furry companions, with the details of the donation listed in a recent press release, including consults and a $1,200 landscape design.

Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. says they are “Colorado’s Only Child and Pet-Friendly Landscaping Company,” and their attention is to everyone in the family who wants to enjoy the yard. They provide features designed to reduce hazards to pets and children such as special edging materials, and they also have special materials and techniques to discourage digging and other pet behaviors that damage the yard. Their services are tuned to their customer’s needs, and they will phase in the work so that customers can try features and add more over time.

The Denver Dumb Friends League, founded in 1910, runs two state-of-the-art facilities and is the largest animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region. Their policy is to turn no animals away, and they are active nationally in providing information and assistance to pet owners so that they can provide better homes for their pets.

Denver residents often don’t know that they should license their pets including cats, which the Dumb Friends League notes is now possible online. In addition to registering vaccination information, the licenses allow the city to contact owners in case of lost pets, and provide revenue for the city’s animal shelter.

In September, the Dumb Friends League issued a press release with special fees for cat adoptions due to the large number that they are housing – over 1,000! Cats can be adopted for fees as low as $10, where the usual fees start at $55. This is especially helpful for elderly and those on fixed incomes who might want a companion animal. The Dumb Friends League provides many resources for becoming a responsible and knowledgeable pet owner as well. At the end of a pet’s life, Denver Dumb Friends offers services to help pet owners so that no pet should suffer, with euthanasia services currently costing $30. In response to a recent tragic story in the Denver area news, they noted that pet owners in financial difficulty should come in anyway, and they will work with them to help them at the end as well.

From pet-friendly landscaping services such as those being donated by Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. for fund raising, to literature and help with litterbox and other behavioral training, the Denver Dumb Friends League and its allies make Denver a great place to keep a companion animal, or several!

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