Landscaping in Muskegon, Michigan – Five Companies to Watch

Muskegon, Michigan, being in the northern part of the continental U.S., is always in need of landscaping services. With the seasons ranging from snow, rainy, hot, rainy, home owners and businesses simply can’t keep up with the weather abuse. So, if you are a long time Michigander in need of a new landscaper or a new homeowner in the Muskegon area, here’s a quick listing of some notable landscaping companies to jump start your project.

With an easy to use website that is pleasantly laid out, Schultz Transport, Inc is on the right track to convince their customers how professionally dedicated they are to serving excellence. They have a number of services to offer to keep customers satisfied all year long including snow removal and excavation. Their landscaping service offers everything from mowing and maintaining your current lawn, to laying down the lawn itself. They will also be happy to fertilize the yard or just come out to repair the sprinklers. Unfortunately, a company this large and professional can’t waste time on frivolous inquiries, so instead of a phone number on the site they have a form for you to fill out and send for pricing; the special offers listed on the site should be enough to remedy that minor inconvenience.

Their website may not be quite as professional as some, but Lake View Landscaping does it all. From lawn care to paving your side walk or driveway, from installation of irrigation and fountains to rock gardens and ponds, they will do just about anything that can be imagined for homeowner or business. And the sales pitch is to die for with a claim that they will beat all competitive pricing and they sweeten it with an offer of a %100 guarantee. They also offer free estimates and senior discounts. And, not only do they have a email address and phone number listed on the site, but they also offer a form asking how the customer can best be reached with a reply.

Sometimes you just don’t know if you can trust a company, even if they have a nice website with contact information. Sometimes you want to see some of their work before making a decision. Summit Lawn Care & Snowplowing Inc is has you in mind. Not only is their website a professional work, but they offer pictures of just about everything they do. They have before/after photos, in progress photos showing projects from start to finish, a photo gallery of many finished projects. They also discuss some of the legal matters behind landscaping to show they are not just able to do the job, but they abide by local law as well.

If you’re looking for a simple reliable company that just gets the job done at professional level without the need of a flashy website and pretty photo galleries, Quality Landscape Management is for you. They are one of the largest landscaping companies in the area. They do big things with big tools. If you are designing a lawn from scratch and/or its irrigation needs, these guys are there for you and will even fertilize it with several package options depending on your needs.

Another local company with all the generic services that other Muskegon landscaping companies provide, Earth Creations Home & Landscape Marketplace will not only come out and do the work, but if you’re so inclined as to do the work yourself, you can purchase all your landscaping supplies directly from them, whether you are fulfilling your own green thumb needs or if you are a competing landscaping business, they will help you choose what is best for your budget as well as your project.

These are just a few of the many landscaping businesses in Muskegon, Michigan. There are dozens of family owned operations that run from their garages. They don’t bother with websites, but they can still get the job done, although they will generally offer very limited services; largely consisting of a combination of general lawn maintenance such as fertilizers, trimming, or cleanup. While there is less risk involved with the more professional landscaping companies listed above, you may want to do a random web search for lawn care; they will often perform small odds and ends at a bargain price.

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