Larry Brown and Pistons on the Skids

You know that movie Groundhog Day, the one where Bill Murray finds himself in this hilarious cycle of living the same day over and over again? Well Larry Brown and the Detroit Pistons find themselves embroidered in a similar situation, except it’s not as funny and twice as annoying.

You see Brown, who loves being courted and proposed to more than Jennifer Lopez, openly discussed the Cleveland Cavalier’s Vice President of Basketball Operations job while his team was making its second straight run to the NBA finals. Meanwhile the Pistons, who unceremoniously dumped Rick Carlisle to hire Brown two years ago, were quick to play the jilted lover card.

In all of this madness both sides aren’t entirely wrong but at the same time both sides should just shut-up, the Pistons first for acting as though they didn’t know what they were getting into. Have they forgotten, this is what Larry Brown does. In the three plus decades he’s been in the business Brown has made stops at Denver, UCLA, New Jersey, Kansas, San Antonio, The LA Clippers, Indiana, Philadelphia, and Detroit. Excuse me while I catch my breath. So for Joe Dumars and Bill Davidson to be shocked is a lot like O.J. Simpson saying how did that glove get there.

Next you have Larry, who insistently tells his team to play the right way and respect your opponent. Image him saying this with a straight face while talking openly with the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Hey Larry, what would have been the harm to ask Dan to play with his Lincoln logs at least until the finals were over. In addition to that, even though it’s known your health is a question mark there was no way you were going to be a GM because you’re a coach, that’s what you do.

I’d love to tell you how this one is going to end but I have no clue. Larry could walk into Bill Davidson’s office and say I’m back, I’m healthy, and I want to be here. Or the Pistons could say look it’s been great, a championship, two finals appearances but we think its best for all if we just part company. Furthermore if that should happen how fast could Isiah Thomas dial Larry’s cell Phone number?

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