Laser Blast Your Friends with Tiny Tag: Boy Wonder Invents Powerful Game of Laser Tag

With the help of a NASA scientist, Sean, a six-year old kindergartner, has invented and engineered the world’s “smallest, most powerful” game of laser tag. Tiny Tag delivers “a whopping range of up to 50 feet (65 feet if you’re really good}.”

You can hit your opponent with ricochet shots off the walls, floor, or ceiling. By using your hand as a mirror you can shoot around corners, and when you get hit Tiny Tag tags you with names like “Knucklehead or Lamebrain.”

Tiny Tags come in three colors-Stealth Black, Purple Glow, and Green Glow. The green and purple colors even glow in the dark. You can use them at night to play flashlight tag. In fact they work better at night or in low light.

“Tiny Tag uses the same ‘child-safe’ technology as a channel turner. It even works better with your television remote.” One cool trick you can do with your Tiny Tag is to press any button on your channel turner, point it at your Tiny Tag and it will light up and call you a loser.

Two Tiny Tags come in a package, batteries included, so you can start playing Tiny Tags as soon as you open the package.

So far over 150,000 Tiny Tags have been sold. Tiny Tags have appeared on The Today Show, CBS TechNow, Tech TV, and according to Dan Dubno of CBSNews, “kids will, guaranteed, love playing with these. . . . “

If you want to have a laser tag party, you can buy a bunch of them. The price for Tiny Tags, with your options, is $13.99. Typical shipping charges: $3.95 for First Class Mail 5-7 day deliver (US only), $6.85 for Priority Mail 3-4 day delivery (US only), $22.85 for Express Mail 1-2 day delivery (US only).

Tiny Tag won the “Creative Toy Award Seal of Excellence” for safety in 2003. Tiny Tag was never intended to look, act, or be mistaken for a gun.

The object of the game is to tag your opponent seven times and you are then the winner.

How do you play Tiny Tag? Just point and shoot. Tiny Tag has one button. Push the green button to start and a red light will flash and you will hear a laser sound. When both devices are activated you may point them and begin firing.

Each time you are hit a green light will flash and you will hear James’ voice say something like “Bummer.” Each additional hit advances the green light. The green light “Blinks” to show you how many times you’ve been hit. Be careful, if you get seven hits against you, your device will say, “Loser.”

The device does not have an off switch. Just leave the unit alone for three minutes and do not touch the firing button and it will go off automatically.

Adult supervision is required for changing the batteries. Each Tiny Tag uses CR 2032 button cell batteries. Remove the screws from the back on the unit and carefully remove the batteries. If a light stays on, the device has probably locked up due to low battery. When the volume starts getting low and lights lock up, your batteries are probably low and need replacing.

Sean says he invented Tiny Tag accidentally with the help of his father while he was in kindergarten. “My neighbor Matthew wrote the software, and his Uncle Bob from NASA helped with the electrical stuff.

“We made the first one in a toaster oven. It uses the same technology as a channel turner. In fact, you can even use a channel turner to play. To play, just aim at another Tiny Tag and push the button. The first one to tag and opponent seven times-wins!

“That’s my annoying older brother James’ voice you hear when you get hit.”

The boy inventor holds three degrees in kindergarten. He has two from the Children’s World Learning Center and one from the Annie Fales Elementary school in Westborough, MA.

The first book Sean ever read was the Pokeman Handbook at age 5. His favorite subject is Math, and he loves to play soccer. Sean is fluent in English and Burp language. His favorite game is NBA Street on Playstation 2. Sean filed his first patent for the Tiny Tag device at age six.

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