Laser Hair Removal Before a Tattoo

If you are considering getting a tattoo, you may also want to consider having the hair in the area around where you are getting your tattoo removed. Laser hair removal can permanently remove the hair on your leg, arm, back or other area of your body where you plan to receive you tattoo, and keep your tattoo looking great and hair free for years to come.

Why get laser hair removal?

No one wants to spend the money to get a fantastic tattoo, only to have it covered by body hair. Shaving your tattoo can be an obnoxious task especially if you have a larger tattoo. You also will have times when you have stubble on your tattoo, or even times when you forget to shave and your tattoo is covered in body hair. You want to keep your tattoo looking attractive. Laser hair removal can ensure that your tattooed area remains hair free and looking great.

When should I get laser hair removal?

If you plan on getting the hair in your tattooed area removed by laser, you will need to have the procedure done BEFORE you get your tattoo. Since a tattoo changes the pigment of your skin you don’t want to expose that new pigment to the light emitted from the laser. Performing a laser hair removal on a tattoo after the fact can cause a discoloration in your tattoo, if not a removal of the tattoo.

What is involved in laser hair removal?

A beam of light is directed at the specific area you wish to remove hair from for your tattoo. Depending on the size of area which you are having hair removed and the density of hair growth in the area; a laser hair removal procedure can take anywhere from half an hour to three or four hours. Hair grows in cycles, so you will more than likely need to return for another treatment at least once more before all of the hair in the area is completely removed.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Most patients who undergo laser hair removal experience some mild discomfort. Your skin will be red, and you will feel a slight burning sensation. People with sensitive skin may consider using a topical cream to numb the area before treatment. There are several risks involved with using a anesthetic cream, so most centers discourage clients from using one, particularly on large parts of the body.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal?

If you are planning on having a laser hair removal done there are a few things you should do to prepare.

1. Do not pluck or wax the hair from the area for 3 weeks- Depending on where you are having hair removed you may be inclined to wax or pluck the hairs in the area. It is important that you don’t do this prior to a laser hair removal. Doing so will make your laser hair removal treatment much less effective.
2. Be tan free- Before treatment try to no visit the tanning bed or spend too much time in the sun. If you are a tan person your laser hair removal specialist may suggest you use a bleaching cream before treatment to make sure your hair removal is successful.
3. Talk to you laser hair removal specialist about any medications you are on- Some medications can cause you to blister easily or prevent the laser hair removal from being effective. Talk to your laser hair removal specialist about what medications you are currently on before you have your procedure done to make sure nothing you are taking will interfere with the procedure.

How soon can I get my tattoo after laser hair removal?

You will want to wait until you are sure the hair has been permanently removed, in it’s entirety before you get your tattoo. Once you get your tattoo you will be unable to undergo any more hair removal treatments, so you want to make sure you have removed the hair permanently before getting your tattoo. Talk to your laser hair removal specialist about the time frame they expect to complete your hair removal. In most cases you will be ready to get your tattoo shortly after your second or third laser hair removal.

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