Laser Hair Removal Prior to Tattoo Placement

Are you considering a tattoo? You may want to consider laser hair removal first. When planning to get a tattoo people take many things into consideration. First they think of the cost. Then comes the decision of size, as the size is probably dependent largely on the cost. The more one can spend, the bigger the tattoo one can purchase. After these necessary calculations are taken care of one can think of the fun stuff like design, color and placement.

One thing that folks often neglect to figure in is hair. If your tattoo will be placed in an area that has hair, the tattoo artist will need to shave the spot so that s/he will have a smooth surface on which to work. This may catch a lot of people by surprise. No big deal, right? You will leave the tattoo parlor with a nice, smooth tattoo.

Unfortunately, when an area is shaved it only takes a day or two until the hair begins to grow back. With new hair growth comes itching. Many men who have wanted to grow a beard have had their resolve thwarted by an itchy face that begs to be shaved.

The problem with shaving, in this case, is that running a razor across a new tattoo will absolutely ruin it. The tattoo really needs to be left alone for a while so you may be stuck with itching and irritation. A tattoo must go through the same healing process as any other assault to the skin. This means anywhere from a week to ten days of itchy stubble. Chemical hair removers are off-limits as well. Remember that you basically have an open wound.

There is a solution. Laser hair removal before the tattoo will allow you to avoid itching or wrecking your tattoo. And just in case you’re thinking that you’ll just see how it goes and resort to laser hair removal only if you can’t stand it – don’t count on it. Laser hair removal works on the basis of pigments. In the most simple of terms, the hair needs to be darker than the skin through which it grows. It is the laser energy that destroys the hair follicle. Darker pigment absorbs more energy. If the skin is darker than the hair, the skin will absorb the energy leaving the hair unchanged. Tattoo ink is made up of pigments that would absorb the laser’s energy. So if you wait until the tattoo is already in place, you may be out of luck. You will probably not be a candidate for laser hair removal in that particular area.

Going to a hair removal clinic before having the tattoo can save you a lot of discomfort. It may also save your tattoo. There have been cases of ingrown hairs coming in around four days after shaving. These could permanently affect the look of your tattoo. Or worse, they could become infected and make you sick.

If you wait and let the tattoo artist shave you, chances are you will need to continue shaving for as long as you want your tattoo to show. Once the hair is allowed to grow back fully, it may cover your tattoo entirely. At the very least it will change the appearance of something that took your time, energy and money to acquire.

Laser hair removal prior to having a tattoo will save you time in the tattoo parlor. You can skip the shaving and get on with the tattooing. It will also save you from any extra worry concerning infections or ingrown hairs. Perhaps best of all, it will give you confidence that your tattoo is being seen in the best possible light. You won’t have to check your tattoo to be sure it doesn’t need shaved before going out. It will always be smooth and will show the details that you so carefully chose to express yourself.

Before having either procedure you should call a reputable clinic and get all the details you need to make an informed decision. You will need to know what the waiting period after the hair removal might be or if there is one at all. You may require more than one treatment so it would be good to know about that before making your appointment with the tattoo parlor.

Choose the laser hair removal clinic as carefully as you chose the tattoo parlor. Be sure that it is a reputable clinic with clean facilities and proper credentials

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