Latest Features in Cell Phone Technology

Remember when a cell phone was a heavy device with a huge battery attached to it? Technology has transformed that phone of fifteen years ago into a tiny handheld device that fits in the palm of your hand and offers you unlimited uses with features that no one would have dreamed possible.

Now as you are about to update your cell phone you can explore the latest technology and all the features that are available. New technology has brought to the cell phone more features than some people have in their computers. There are cell phones that have high technology cameras take megapixel photos. These can take better photographs than the digital cameras of just a few years ago. They even have features that range from flashlights to video play back.

New technology allows your cell phone features that can voice activate your calls. You merely say the person’s name and your cell phone will dial the number for you. Or even higher technology gives your cell phone features that include email and the ability to connect to your personal digital assistant.

They all include the basic features of multiple ring tones to choose from, text messaging, and phone books. But technology now makes the features of a phone book very different. Your cell phone can have picture caller ID now instead of just a person’s name coming up.

You can have all these features available on the higher technology based cell phones but they don’t come cheap. The more features you want the higher the technology required in your cell phone. This will be reflected in the price you pay to purchase or lease one and also for the extra services you’ll need. Ask yourself how much you want to spend because before long new technology will make your purchase obsolete in a very short time.

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