Laundry Room Organizing Tips

Whether you have a small or large laundry room, organizing the space will make the task of doing laundry an easier one. Here’s a handful of ideas I used in my own laundry room. I now have all the storage space I need, an indoor clothesline for delicate fabrics, and a way to sort dirty laundry while keeping the space organized. I hope these ideas work equally well for you and your family.

Install in indoor clothesline for delicates

There are always special items that you may not wish to dry in your drier. To make drying them a simple task, buy an extendable clothesline (found at home improvement stores). When not in use, the clothesline will look like a rectangle of plastic on either side of two opposing walls. But once you extend the line and secure it to the clasp installed on your wall, you’ll be able to hang laundry indoors.

Make laundry sorting easy

Consider buying three or four tall baskets with a narrow base. Place them in a line against the wall of your laundry room. Then when you wish to sort your dirty laundry by color or fabric, use the various baskets. In this way, you’ll have a place to store sorted dirty laundry between loads.

Hang old cabinets on a bare wall

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, don’t throw away your old cabinets. Instead install a few of them on your laundry room wall. Alternatively, look online at such sites as Craig’s List for old kitchen cabinets that people are giving away for free or selling on the cheap. Garage sales may also be a good place for finding old kitchen cabinets, and many people advertise their garage sale items on Craig’s List.

Choose the right laundry basket

To make transferring dirty or clean laundry an easy affair, invest in a sturdy, wide plastic basket with strong handles. Make sure the basket is not taller than the opening in your dryer or washer. In this way, you’ll be able to open the doors in your machines without having to move the basket. When empty, store the basket atop the washer.

Enclose your washer and dryer

Many laundry rooms come with a niche for the washer and dryer, but often the space remains open. This clutters up the laundry room. It also makes the room very noisy when the machines are working. Instead, consider enclosing the space with sliding doors. Simply measure the height of the opening, then buy sliding doors to fit at a home improvement store.

Use the space on your dryer wisely

The top of your dryer provides a convenient shelf. Instead of cluttering the space with a million things, keep only the most frequently used items atop your dryer. These may include your detergent and fabric softener, or a small lidded trash can for throwing away the lint from your dryer.

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