Learn How a Homemade Wind Turbine Works

A wind turbine is a wind generating machine. When we hear wind turbines that are made and installed at home, the first thing that comes to mind is of course its huge sized tower and spinning blades which are quite jumbo sized. But, nowadays everyone is quite aware of the importance of conserving energy. Hence, with the advanced technology in this field, it is possible to install a comparatively compact wind turbine at the backyard of your house. This could be done by yourself instead of depending on professionals concerned.

Have you ever thought about as to how the wind turbine generates power? It generates power by rotating a generator in a quite high speed. Generator is attached to the rotor. The rotor is made up of 3 aerodynamic blades, which are attached to a tower. The tail of the rotor that acts as a weather vein is used in keeping the turbine face the wind.

The generator which is an electric motor has coils in it. When the motor spins past the magnets, electric current is generated. This gets stored in batteries that are connected to an inverter in order to change the direct electric current to alternate current. This supplies the power you need for your home. It is the efficiency of the motor that explains why the wind turbines are most sought after for home uses.

You need only a short tower if you live in a windy area. Put up a huge tower in areas with low winds so that they catch the wind needed. So much technological advances have taken place so that the most efficient blades that are so compact are used today. These blades, that come to a size of slightly a little over airplane rotors, could turn even in a slight breeze. Blades also vary in size just towers according to wind conditions and also the energy requirement.

Wind turbines perform at their best in larger open areas say, an acre. Here the wind flow is not disrupted by huge buildings. For a wind turbine to work properly, the wind speed recommended is a minimum of 11 miles/hours. Otherwise a taller tower and larger blades should be installed.

You might have seen that a number of wind turbines are put up on farmlands. This is because they are found to be the best useful device to pump water from a reservoir into the farmland. A wind turbine is useful in times of power cuts. The wind turbine might not supply power to the house all time, but the stored power stands as a fall back during emergencies.

Based on your requirements you could start to think of investing in a home based wind turbine. The technology improves all the time and improvisations are available all the time. A wind turbine installed professionally at home costs you a several thousand dollars. You could get a turbine erected and functioning by yourself for a minimum cost and time. Things from your own home or a nearby hardware store are all that is needed here. The U.S government offers tax credit for both state and federal taxes. This could be useful to balance the installation cost. You stand to gain on electricity bill amount and also tax simultaneously.

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