Leather Lures Lady Motorcycle Riders

Leather is composed of hides of larger animals or skins of smaller animals which has become durable. Variations of raw materials include skins of mammals, ox, cow, buffalo, goat, calf, sheep, pig and horse form the main raw material however kangaroo and camel may also be used. Reptiles like alligators, snakes and lizards as well as marine animals like seals, whales, sharks and bony fish are also used as well.

Leather making is a series of steps which is aimed on the isolation of collagen by removing non-collagenous components in the skin to make it resistant to physical, biological and chemical factors. The reason for the processing is to loosen the structure of the skin in order to make easy the tanning procedure. Loosening makes the tanning agents, fats, dyestuffs and other substances, penetrate easy into the hide.

It can be used for a wide range of purposes. It can be used to make belts, boots and other footwear, pants, skirts, shorts, vests, jackets and other useful materials.

Leather has long been in existence. In fact, it has already established a status in the fashion industry. We have seen Hollywood stars wearing it with prestige and pride. Numerous movies, especially those fiction movies featuring superheroes, use leather as a material for their costumes.

Leather is also a top choice of motorcycle riders. Men look ruggedly handsome in their leather ensemble -starting up with a leather jacket down to pants and boots mounted on a good motorcycle with Yamaha motorcycle parts. Whoa! Gorgeous as it may seem. Then they rock the terrains with their masculine might and skill. Then the women around will be follow them with glimpses of admiration. That’s what clothing and apparel can do. Amazing and captivating!

In connection to the ordinary clothing trend, leather has also invaded the casual trend line. Leather ropes, bottoms, halter tops, skirts, shorts, fashion jackets are everywhere. People from all ages are charmed by this material. It’s fashion, it’s trend and it continues to expand and invade other grounds available. In fact it has already invaded the clothesline of lady riders.

Women riders’ leather clothing and apparel ensemble include motorcycle leather jackets, vests, gloves, chaps, pants, boots and more. Motorcycle leather jackets are cut to fit the lady’s curves and crevices -making her a sexy and gorgeous road vixen. Vests, on the other hand are made up of soft naked leather which is sometimes pebbled with grains. They are sensuous to touch and wear, making the rider confident of what she wears. In connection to gloves, they are durable and the longer you wear them the more durable they get. In connection to chaps, they are made with exceptional fit to emphasize the thighs and waist of women. Lastly, boots are created with elegance so as to emphasize the graceful femininity of the riders.

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