Legal Guide: Finding Great Lawyers and Free Legal Forms

Let’s face itâÂ?¦. Life is extremely hard at times. Many people face numerous difficulties with the law in their lives, from divorce to custody, bankruptcy to collections, confidentiality and copyrights; you name it … don’t worry the information is out there somewhere. But where to start is the problem.

Legal Guide: The First Stop is celebrating 10 years in the business of helping us out with our legal issues. Using their comprehensive site designed to guide you through the hassles of preparing your case before the judge can make this difficult time much easier to handle.

Not only can this site give you the links to valuable forms to print and fill out but also provides you with a wonderful tool called “Ask a Lawyer”. The advice you get can truly make a difference in what avenue you wish to take when fighting your case.

This site also features a Law Library so that you can research your rights and what is technically defined as illegal. This can be extremely helpful when dealing with “the other party” in front of a judge. Just the mere fact that you present yourself as a knowledgeable person if you are to file a motion ‘in pro per’ (which means without the aid of a lawyer) can seriously help the judge’s decision sway in your favor. Some people may not even need a lawyer but most will never realize it and spend thousands of dollars on retainers and hourly fees. So, if you choose to ‘do it yourself’ you might want to start in this online library and brush up on what the laws actually define and legal vs. illegal.

Just in case you are not sure what exactly the terms mean has a law dictionary on site as well for you to make sure of all the detail surrounding your case.

Legal Guide: Finding Great Lawyers
Should you choose not to ‘go it alone’ in you court struggles there is a fast and efficient way to narrow the fields. You can find lawyers using the comprehensive data base filled with information on various attorneys, the issues that they specialize in and where they are located. But that is not the only step you need to take in this process. After finding the lawyers that best suit your needs you should then research that lawyer by cross referencing them into another data base to make sure they are knowledgeable and well equipped to help you.

Legal Guide: Forms, Forms, and more Forms
You can count on the following forms being at your finger tips using any of the links I have provided to in the resource section of this article: Accounting, Affidavits, Assignments, Attorney Forms & Guides, Bankruptcy, Bill of Sale, Business, Canadian Forms, Collections, Confidentiality, Contracts, Copyright, Corporations, Credit, Declarations, Deeds, Divorce, Employment, Entertainment Law, Family & Consumer, Family Law, Government, Health Care, Homestead, Indemnity Agreements, Intellectual Property, Internet, Landlord & Tenant, Leases & Rentals, Letters, Limited Liability Co., Living Trusts, Name Change, Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Notices, Parental Permissions, Partnership, Power of Attorney, Promissory Notes, Real Estate, Receipts, Releases, Sale of Goods, Spanish Forms, Technology, Trusts, UCC Forms, Wills, and more…

I hope that this Legal Guide to Finding Great Lawyers and Free Legal Forms has helped you in your decisions to pursue legal action.

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