Let’s End Music Stereotypes

The recent rise of young artists has made a presence when it comes to the music industry.

Take for example, Jesse McCartney. He’s been on the radio with his song, “Beautiful Soul,” and “She’s No You.” McCartney is only 17, and has accomplished much at such a young age.

There’s also Aaron Carter, 17, who’s the youngest solo male artist to have 40 singles to his name. He’s been popular with young audiences, and recently came out with songs such as “One Better,” and “Saturday Night.”

When you mention the names McCartney or Carter, you’ll naturally assume that the only audience that’s really interested in this pop-rock music is teenage girls. However, this isn’t necessarily correct, and it’s a stereotype that I think needs to be addressed.

I recently attended an Aaron Carter concert in Erie, Pennsylvania, and happened to get a chance to listen to his music. I like the song, “One Better,” by Carter. It’s about learning from mistakes, and that it’s not always easy to tell others what you’re going through, but that in order to become a better person, you should never give up.

Why do I bring this up? Because I happen to be a guy, and when I’ve mentioned this to some people, they’ve formed a stereotype. They just don’t think that it’s normal for a guy to like this kind of music. I’d beg to differ.

If a person were a child or a teenager, and happened to like someone who was much older, and they inspired them with their music, then that to me is perfectly fine. Likewise, if a person who is older likes the music of a younger artist, that doesn’t make that choice a bad one either. The selection of music shouldn’t be about what sex you’re or how old you happen to be.

Words to a song can have a powerful influence on others. I’ve heard of people who were able to overcome obstacles and get into a better mood just from a single song and because an artist had a powerful way of making their music come alive and it related to the individual who was listening to it.

While music is subject to different interpretations and tastes, let’s get away from stereotypes. We can learn from the examples of McCartney and Carter that there’s no age limit when it comes to talent. The same should be true when it comes to the individual’s choice of music no matter what sex or age, you happen to be.

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