Let’s Get that Closet Organized!

Is your closet a cluttered mess of clothes, shoes and purses? Can you never find what your looking for? Read on for some great tips on how to get your closet organized and make it functional for you.

The first thing you need to do is go thru your clothes. If your like how I used to be you are holding onto clothes that don’t fit you anymore and your hoping they will eventually fit. I hate to break this to you but they may never fit again, and if they do they will probably be so out of style you won’t want to wear them. When you are done organizing your closet you will be able to go right in there and pick something out to wear knowing it will fit and you will feel confident wearing it.

The first step is to let go. Let go of those clothes you have been holding onto for years. You really do need to be able to walk into your closet and know that anything you pick to wear will fit you and look good on you and you won’t have to replay that same scenario in your head wondering if it will fit or not. Now if you have some pieces that you just can’t let go of, pieces you really do want to fit into someday, then we can arrange them in a special place in your closet. You need to have 3 piles. A Keep pile, a Goodwill/Salvation Army pile and then the Trash pile. Yes, a Trash pile. You will probably come across some pieces that you wouldn’t want your dog to wear much less another human! If you did come across some pieces that you don’t want to let go then put those in a separate pile.

The next step is to do the same with your shoes. Some shoes can be cleaned up to look as good as new, but if you have been wearing the same shoes for years and years you may need to let go of some of those shoes. The same rule for clothes applies to shoes. You want to know that you can walk into your closet and grab a pair of shoes and know they fit and that they will look good. Of course a couple pair of old shoes is good to have around the house for yard work and gardening.

Okay, let’s move onto purses. As you probably have figured out the same rule applies here. You probably have purses in your closet you have had since High School so needless to say, they need to go. If they have broken straps, stains or just worn out then you probably ought to toss it. You may find you can repair a purse or two, but then again if you can’t do it that day I would not hold onto them thinking you will repair them “someday” because that “someday” will never come, trust me.

Once everything is out of your closet let’s get to cleaning it. If you have shelves you may need to dust. Then vacuuming the inside is a good idea. Another idea for you to think about is purchasing some shoes shelves to line the bottom of your closet space if you don’t already have adequate space for your shoes. You can purchase them at Wal-mart for around $10 and they are stackable. You definitely want to make the most of your closet space.

Now that you have gone thru your clothes, shoes and purses and have now cleaned your closet you are ready to start organizing! If you and your husband share a closet you may need to discuss with him how much space he will need. Be honest, you really want the whole closet but you have to share. So, just see what little space he will be okay with and take the rest! haha!

I will tell you how I have organized my closet but you mind find another way works better for you. Just use your own judgment. I have my clothes color coordinated in the closet. I also have pants, skirts and dresses all together. I start with whites, then beige, lighter colors, etc. This works for me because if I am looking for a specific piece I know where to look for it first. I also try to hang outfits that go together, together. Such as wind suits, jogging suits, etc. It makes it easier than having to locate both pieces. For those clothes that don’t fit you now but you couldn’t get rid of just yet, put those in the very back of your closet. You want everything up front to be pieces that fit and you know you can wear.

To organize my purses I have bought those nice cloth storage bins at Wal-mart and lined them on the top shelf of the closet. I have put my purses and smaller bags in them and they are easy to get down and put back up. It keeps the purses organized and makes the closet look neater. You could do the same thing with your husbands things. For instance, caps, gloves, etc. Anything you have at the top of the closet can be organized in nice bins.

Also, a good tip is for every piece of new clothing you purchase you need to get rid of another piece. That way you won’t be adding more clutter. Another good tip is to sort thru your seasonal clothes. It may be a good idea to purchase some storage bins and store your winter and summer clothes in those until time to take out. You don’t want every item of seasonal clothes all in one closet. Doing this will help minimize the clutter.

If organizing your closet seems too overwhelming for you just take it one step at a time. If you can’ t tackle this all in one day that is okay. Each step you take to organizing your closet is one step closer to having the closet of your dreams. You can do this!

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