Liberals Prepare for the Lieberman Test

Anti war liberals in the Democratic Party are dreading election day in November because they are going to be put to the test. That test is going to deal with whether or not all of their yelling and foot stomping about the War in Iraq is paying off.

Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic Party’s primary in Connecticut to Ned Lamont who does, to be clear, hold different opinions on issues other than the war on terror from Lieberman. But as a whole the crux of Lamont’s campaign so far has been that the war in Iraq is a failure and that a vote for him was a vote to change the course and basically get the heck out of Iraq.

Lamont won a battle but looks poised to lose the war. After all, liberals are good at losing wars so that should not surprise anyone. With Joe Lieberman running as an Independent against Lamont and a corrupt Republican on the ballot the race in Connecticut is basically turning into a contest of who liberal voters in the very blue state love more – the anti war liberal Lamont or the pro war liberal Lieberman.

As such the date for the final exam is set and the far-left liberals are cramming hard. The choice basically boils down to whether you are for the war in Iraq or against the war in Iraq.

We are constantly told that the American people don’t approve of the fighting in Iraq. The drumbeat has become almost deafening these past few years. But now that we have a referendum on the war boiled down to such a neat little race, we are bound to find out.

Other races around the country are pitting more diametrically opposed positions against one another and for the most part are races between socialists and half-hearted socialists with a few being between conservatives and socialists.

But Connecticut is different. Ideologies between the two candidates are very similar. But with most polls so far showing Joe Lieberman leading the race by a long shot it still has not stopped liberals like John “Did You Know I Served In Vietnam?” Kerry from speaking up. His latest that old Joe who was the party’s Vice Presidential nominee in 2000 is “out of step” with the public seems laughable. Out of touch with the Constitution certainly! But is he out of touch with a society increasingly desirous of more nanny state programs and limited freedom? Not likely although I wish he were!

I guess we will find out for certain in a couple of months whether it is Joe Lieberman that is out of touch on the war or if the liberal far left really is.

The problem with the Connecticut race is that no matter who wins the result will still be a very liberal politician. And that means that America loses.

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