Life After Sex And The City

Being a huge Sex And the City fan I can’t help but ask myself what is going to fill this void? Sunday nights just are not the same, sitting around the tube with a huge bucket of homemade popcorn and a nice cold beer, thirty minutes of Samantha’s erotic sex scenes (which makes us all thinkâÂ?¦ can that actually be done? How boring is my life?)

Carries unique twist of copy that makes all of us writers envy her real touch for words. Before this show it was unheard of women discussing, as my grandmother would say, “such vulgar language, ladies shouldn’t talk that way” Well Nana, maybe ladies from your century, but it’s 2005 and if we’re not talkin’ it, we’re thinking it!

Did the show take it too far? No, not in my opinion, I think they nailed it! Who can forget the episode when Miranda dated the “over eater” and he “over ate her” or when Carrie farts for the first time in front of Big. These are real life experiences that happen to all women and it’s nice to see we’re not alone out there. These things happen to other people too.

So I’m in the same place I was three months ago, no more Sex And the City. Desperate Housewives, great show, not Sex And The City. Reality TV, full of drama & sex, not Sex And The City. What do we do now? Continue living a life that is full of secrets, holding in our inner most demons when all we want to do is sit at a table for four and let it all out??

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