Life Coaching Defined

Life coaching though not a new idea, is gaining more and more respect among people in many countries but still some are not familiar with our work. The best example that I can think of right off the bat is an accomplished athlete. The athlete may be the best at what he/she does but still there is a coach.

The coach’s role is not to fix the athletes game but to help the athlete move forward onto the next level. Life Coaching works along the same lines, as coaches, our job is not to fix what is not working for you in your lives but to help you find direction, or to be someone that you are accountable to in reaching your goals or to be the someone that helps to keep you focused on the task at hand. Some clients just need an impartial party to bounce things off and help them sort through things. Therefore, in moving you forward in life, a Life Coach focuses on results on only results.

What Life Coaching is not, is it has nothing at all to do with giving advice. For me as a coach this sometimes can be hard when you listen to a client and you know the answer. The goal for me as a coach is to allow my clients to find the answers for themselves by talking through the smog. Coaching is also not about telling the client how to do something, rather my goal is to guide them thorough the self-discovery process. My goal is to work with a client for a minimum of three – six months and longer if necessary to help them find the best pathways to success.

There are several different modes of coaching:

1. Business Coaching – working with people who want to start or improve their small business.

2. Executive Coaching – working with executives and managers that are wanting to make changes in their business and/or personal lives.

3. Career Coaching – helping people to find the careers they were made for and would be happiest doing.

4. Relationship Coaching – helps people to get the most out of their relationship in life. It may be you need support during a break-up, you want to improve on the relationships in your life or you want to expand your network of friends. There also may be some need to repair broken relationships in your life.

5. Personal Coaching – helps you to increase your self-awareness, confidence, or even to share more of the thoughts that are hiding within in order to reach your goals.

These are but a few areas that Life Coaches focuses on. Most coaches will have a focus area that they specialize in and will only touch on a few of the others as the need arises.

To find out if coaching is right for you I invite you to contact me via e-mail for a free no-obligation session. Please leave your name and telephone number and the best time you can be reached along with your time zone.

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