LifeGem Diamond Memorials

LifeGem is a relatively new company that produces diamonds from cremated remains. Yellow and blue gems are made from the carbon rich ashes through advance procedures in a matter of months. The cost is very pricey, with the blue diamonds costing the most, with each costing far more than most simulated diamonds. However, purchase price is subjective when compared to the ‘priceless’ diamonds. What could be worth more than the spectacular diamond earrings that grandma lovingly left you? Spectacular diamond studded earrings that is grandma.

LifeGem offers a considerable discount for preplanning and prepayment of services. Prices are locked in, so whether it’s two years or twenty, the cost will not raise with inflation. Pre-funding a LifeGem account can be done over a period of time. Small monthly payments can cover the final arrangements, easing the family of unneeded financial stress.

A more exotic choice in creating the LifeGem is the combinations of two cremated remain sources. This may be chosen for couples, children or any other situation. This however can only be done with express written instruction from family members to do so. A good consideration for this is by financially restricted families, or for the sole purpose of keeping a family together.

The main reason for having the stone is for a memorial. Jewelry is a popular option. Others may choose the setting of the stone to be in a custom made plaque, or into assorted personal items. Some people choose to have their diamonds set into their spouse’s wedding ring, or a child’s into a mother’s ring. Basically, if you can think it up, it can be done.

The grieving process is a terrible burden that may take weeks, months, years or even a lifetime to complete. Many people find comfort in having their loved one’s diamond as a constant companion. The glimmer of the diamond is a spark of who the loved one was, and still is, to those left behind. Many admit freely that these diamonds are the helping hand they needed to survive the grief.

Another reason is the quality of the diamonds. LifeGem offers a lifetime guarantee that every diamond is free of defects. The LifeGem guarantee disperses any doubt as to the integrity of the gems. Each diamond does however have unique characteristics and elements, much like the uniqueness of naturally occurring diamonds.

Each diamond has its own hue of the blue or yellow families. Both colors are so rare in nature that it would easily cost many times over to purchase one. Each diamond comes with a LifeGem Certificate declaring the weight, shape, dimension, color, clarity, table, girdle, polish, and symmetry. In accordance with the order, the diamond is cut, and the authentic gem is laser etched on the girdle with a unique identifier, like natural diamonds are.

LifeGem is offered at approximately five hundred eighty of the nearly twenty thousand funeral homes in the United States. LifeGem expert Rusty VandenBiesen predicts it will take ten years for half of the funeral homes to begin offering the LifeGem as a common option.

The internet brings the majority of customers to LifeGem, many for the preplanning of ‘gemming’ their own remains. Cuts and sizes, even to dictating the form of the final setting into chosen jewelry, can be defined to the client’s wishes.

Diamonds are always a great gift, but some diamonds are a unique gift to be treasured.

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