Lighting, When Done Properly, Can Make a Dramatic Difference to Your Home

Lighting up the house in a manner that will enhance the decor and color values is definitely more than investing in florescent tubes. The best lighting option will take into account the quality of lighting, energy savings and cost reductions.

Three types of lighting, namely general, task and accent lighting are required to light up the living spaces. A suitable combination of first two types will make the space favorable for its allotted function. Directional task lighting is best suited for activities like reading. But task lighting alone is not enough. For reading, there should be ambient lighting from other sources so that eyes do not experience extreme light and dark contrast. Cooking requires lighting as close as possible.

Spaces like the living, dinning and bathrooms require lighting that create uniform illumination and give the option of mood lighting. The public areas in the house have an option of decorative lighting which enhances decor.

Apart from the type of lighting, placement and type of fixture will also affect the quality of lighting.

Fixtures can be used as d�©cor objects for walls, ceilings, tabletops and corners. Some low-cost materials like rice paper or cane go well with a minimalist or contemporary decor. Simple globe light in paper can be use do beautify any corner clear glass shades are advisable in areas which requires bright illumination. Moroccan metal lamps with cutwork patterns and glass add a wonderful dimension to spaces. Fixtures of wrought iron and other materials are nice to recreate certain themes like rustic, Mediterranean or contemporary.

For cozy and inviting look in a room especially in bedrooms use table or floor lamps instead of overhead lighting. Living areas needed overhead lighting as it will spread the light throughout the room and make it less cozy, but much more active and alive.

There is one more lighting that is picture light or spotlight. It can direct the light at a particular angle by adjusting the spotlight fitting and is used to highlight the sculpture or fountain, or any art you want to focus. Spotlights make good accent lights and revive the decor.

As the technology behind lighting systems becomes more sophisticated, successful lighting designs rely less on the quantity of light used to illuminate a space and more on the quality of the overall lighting environment.

The lighting should be done to create spaces that are functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Well planned and properly done lighting can make a dramatic difference in your home.

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