Lila Gordon Hair Salon in Atlanta, GA

So you have found yourself in Atlanta, Georgia, whether you live there or not, and you are in need of a wonderful, one-of-a-kind haircut that will make all of your friends green with envy. Though you have ideas and visions of grandeur with your haircut, there is only one problem – where can you go to get this haircut done at? Well, you are in luck, because you are in Atlanta, Georgia home to numerous celebrities, either from the sports world, to music, to film. And one thing is certain in this crazy world of ours, that if there are celebrities nearby, than you are guaranteed a wonderful salon is somewhere nearby. And Atlanta, Georgia is no different then Los Angeles, California or Chicago, Illinois or New York City, New York; all of these places are home to celebrities and fantastic hair salons.

So where do you begin to find this wonderful, super-elaborate hair salon? Because lets face it, Atlanta, Georgia isn’t a small city; they have literally hundreds if not thousands of hair salons that are all good if not utterly fantastic. But there is one thing, actually two things, that a potential customer should be on the look out for. First is amazing quality of services offered, and even greater prices for those amazing services. Well, I have found one salon in Atlanta, Georgia that has fit all of the qualificatioins for an amazingly wonderful Hair Salon. This salon is Lila Gordon Hair Styles and Makeup. It is here that you the customer will be shock and awed by the wonderful services offered and amazing skill this place offers its customers.

At Lila Gordon Hair Styles and Makeup in Atlanta, Georgia, they offer a full service Salon and Day Spa which is located in an upscale and very beautiful state-of-the-art studio which is phycially located among the shops and restaurants of Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza. Lila Gordon Hair Styles and Makeup contains more than fifteen years of experience in servicing customers with all of their beauty needs. At Lila Gordon’s you when you first walk in through all of their various services offered which will be revealed further down, there is one thing that is certain every customer will receive. And that one thing is the initial consultation in which one of their professional hair stylists will sit you down and you will begin a discussion about what you are wanting to do with your hair. Whether it be an entire new look or just a trim, this consultation will make sure that you and your stylist are on the exact same mental (and physical) wave-length. This ensures a wonderful haircut that you will be proud to showcase to all of your friends. Lila Gordon’s offers the worlds finest in hair coloring products such as, Goldwell, Keune and Marjerel. They use the hair care products of such manufacturers as, T.IG.I., Rusk, Redken, Brocato Blonde, Biolage along with many many more. Are you in need of makeup? Well at Lila Gordon Hair Styles and Makeup they did not forget this wonderful need, I mean its even in their name, here they sell only finest quality of makeup from Trucco. You either have the option to come to Lila Gordon’s to have the makeup professionally applied or you can buy the makeup and attempt this beautification process at your home.

At Lila Gordon’s they offer such services at Hair Cuts for Men ($40), Women($45-$50), and Children($35). As well as hair coloring, highlighting, hair texturizing, and hair styling. So it is very clear that At Lisa Gordon Hair Styles and Makeup there is something for absolutely everyone in your entire family!

Lila Gordon Hair Styles and Makeup
317 Buckhead Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Tel: 404-216-7651

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