LinkSys WRTG54 Wireless Router

Living in the age of the wireless boom setting up home wireless networks have become more common than ever. Wireless routers are plentiful, but the LinkSys WRTG54 wireless router brings quality at a good price. With a name like LinkSys you know you are getting a good product, but it is not nearly as expensive as many other options. I purchased my wireless router for only $50.

As with most wireless products, however, the connection can be problematic at time. I could be getting a strong signal at one minute and then have a weak signal the next, which can sometimes cause problems. I have been unable to determine what exactly causes this variance in signal strength, however for the most part it is perfectly adequate for my needs.

The one real complaint that I have the router doesn’t have to do with its functionality (which for the most part is good), but rather in the set-up. The physical set-up is simple and self-explanatory, but the software set-up is another story. Why it is I am not sure but the software included with the CD did not work. I tried it every which way I could think of but to no avail. I tried to find help in the troubleshooter but without much luck. I even checked out the web site (which required that I unhook the router and rehook everything directly back to my computer).

Finally I decided to call LinkSys tech support. After waiting on hold for a few minutes I was told by a woman who did not speak English to go to a specific part of the LinkSys web site, where I would be able to download new set-up software for the router. So I did as I was instructed and downloaded the new program. Installed it, ran it and in moments the router was working perfectly. Had they just included this software on the CD rather than forcing me to download it from the web site I wouldn’t have had a problem.

Since the initial installation I have had few problems with the router, aside from the occasional signal strength problem which for my purposes doesn’t cause much of a problem. If you are looking for a stronger set-up you might want to purchase a higher quality router, although I am not sure how much that would help.

Overall, however, the LinkSys is a decent wireless router provided at a decent price. Aside from functioning as a wireless router, it also provides for wired ports so that you can hook up to four PCs directly to the router, as well as accessing the network with your notebook (or desktop if you are using the wireless with it as well). Just remember when you’re setting it up to download the NetSet installation software from the web site (you can find it at and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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