Linkshare, There Has to Be a Better Way to Make Money

I have had a Linkshare account for about 5 months. I have made $8.00. I made the purchase through which I got the commission myself. It has been a waste of time at best. is an affiliate site through which an online publisher can make extra online revenue. All you have to do is add ads or links to your websites and blogs. What they do not mention is you have to add them, and add them, and add them. Unless you spend a good amount of time each day (at least an hour) adding fresh links to your blogs and websites, your link share ads will not net much revenue.

The first problem I had with Linkshare is the merchant I signed up to represent, Oriental Trading Company, would not approve me to use their links. I love the website and thought, hey; I really could promote this site and make some serious bucks. My plan was to write craft and d�©cor ideas and use Oriental Trading links and photos where customers can purchase the items for the crafts. I thought it was a good idea, but I guess I did not have the track record to be able to promote. So I settled on promoting sites that would have me.

The second problem I am having with Linkshare is that it is user un-friendly. It takes time to learn to use the site. It takes even more time to place all of the links throughout your sites. It takes even more time yet to monitor those links on those sites to see if they are productive. For all my time and effort working to place Linkshare links , my stats show that many have clicked on my links, but few have purchased. I have to believe what Linkshare tells me. I have no other way of tracking the results.

This does not mean, however, that I will close my Linkshare accounts and delete all of my links. That would take a lot more time, and cause me to lose the little I have in my Linkshare account. Instead, I will let those links I have placed sit, and gain a penny here and there, until I can reap the little I have sown.

If you are considering using Linkshare to boost your online income, I sincerely hope you have a lot of time on your hands.

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