Listerine Product Review

Sometimes after eating a meal I was left with bad breath. There are many mouth washes out there that taste like mint, but do any of them really work? After using Listerine you feel this powerful tingle in your mouth that makes your breath nice and fresh, but you also feel clean as well. When you use Listerine it will make sure to not only give you good smelling breath, but it will kill all the germs and bacteria in your mouth. It is also known to be a protector from gingivitis.

Another thing about Listerine that is different from other mouth washes is that there are many Dentists that recommend using it. In fact it is as good as going to a dentist, because it is protecting your mouth and teeth from bacteria and from being unhealthy.

Listerine also comes in different flavors if you are not a fan of the original flavor. The other flavors include: Cool mint, Vanilla Mint, Citrus, and Fresh Burst. These flavors are all good, but it would be nice if there were flavors like Cherry, Melon, Lime, or other interesting fruity flavors. Maybe in the future there will be other kinds of Listerine.

There is also a Listerine that includes tartar control that will help after you brush your teeth at night. Another product that Listerine offers is Breath Strips. These strips are better then any mint and melt in your mouth once you put them in. They are very strong and will leave your breath smelling nice and protect it from bacteria as well.

If you have never tried using Listerine because you think it may be too strong then your mouth may not be getting full protection from germs. Using Listerine daily will not only keep your mouth fresh, but will also clean and protect it. Try Listerine at least once and you will notice the big difference compared to other Mouth Washes. Remember also to gargle with Listerine at least for 40 seconds so it will work to its full effect.

The best way to use Listerine is after every meal and when you brush. It is recommended to be used at least two times a day so it can help get rid of plaque and bacteria. Remember that Listerine is part of a healthy oral care and that brushing is also highly recommended along with this mouth wash. It is good to have healthy teeth and gums, so use Listerine.

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