Little Green Machine With Pro-heat Turbo Brush Made by Bissell

Attention pet owners I have a product that you have to get! I purchased a Little Green Machine with pro-heat turbo brush made by Bissell. After lots of research I decided on this handheld carpet cleaner to help me battle those pet spots. I have three cats and a 2 year old niece which means stuff is spilled on the carpet and carpet spray cleaners are just not enough. I have been able to get up spaghetti sauce, hairball messes (yuck I know but it happens!), coffee, grease stains (why don’t husbands wipe their feet?), and I have even cleaned my furniture!

This Little Green Machine is hand held and great when trying to get a spot off the couch or stairs. I have to say it has already paid for itself, those 89 dollars was an awesome investment. It has a nice long cord that allows you to go far and move easy. It comes with two brushes, a large and a small one. The hose is a pretty good length and allows you to move around pretty well. The brush when hooked up to the hose allows you to spray heated cleaner, heated cleaner opens up the fibers allowing the stain to be removed. Worried about wet carpet? Don’t be, the Little Green Machine has a suction feature which allows you to soak up that extra fluid. The Little Green has a build in heater to heat the water, which you can turn off or on. Whether you use the heater depends on what you are cleaning, always check with the manufacture of your carpet or test a small spot first.

Worried about cleaning this Little Green? It’s so easy; you suck up hot clean water which cleans the brushes and the hose! How easy is that? You can do it right in your sink! The holding tanks for the clean fluid and dirty fluid can easily be removed, rinsed, and air dried. The cleaning solution its self is a little expensive but after lots of experimenting you do not need as much as they suggest, I personally only use half. Sometimes I have only used hot water, its best to experiment and decide for yourself what you like.

Storing the Little Green is easy because all of the tools have spots on the machine to store! The Little Green also is pretty small so it fits wonderfully in my closet-which is not large at all. The hose wraps around the machine and the cord too. I swear a pet owner or a person with children developed this!

Warning, do not confuse this product with the Spot Bot made by Bissell. That machine is similar by you place it on the spot and walk away. I would not suggest the Spot Bot because it does not offer the flexibility the Little Green does. Also while researching I found that a lot of people had circle marks left on their carpet, which is the shape of the brush. Happy cleaning, and enjoy saving some money on professional carpet cleaners!

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