Living in Sedona, Arizona: Could Sedona Be Right for You?

Living in Sedona, Arizona is a dream of many because living in Sedona, Arizona has everything! Living in Sedona, Arizona means that anyone can enjoy life with peace, harmony, and the beauty of nature but still be near all of the busy action of a charming city with all of the necessities needed and anyone can find that balance while living in Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, Arizona is a special place that has captured the hearts and minds of millions because of the natural beauty all around. Living in Sedona, Arizona has its perks and one of those perks is to live in the most spectacular geological area of the United States!

Imagine living in Sedona, Arizona and waking up each morning to see a sunrise that shines across a picturesque scene of red rock, beautiful lush green foliage and rock formations only found in Sedona.

Those living in Sedona, Arizona have also found perfection with the community of Sedona and this is just some of what living in Sedona, Arizona offers below:

The Sedona, Arizona Community

People living in Sedona experience the richness of a community that has grown including prime shopping downtown, rich cultural centers, great schools, unique business opportunities, a real estate market that is growing each and every year plus new home developments with plans of expansion. The possibilities of living in Sedona have never been better for new home seekers, retirees or anyone looking for a change of pace.

Shopping in Sedona

Shopping in Sedona is an experience that most people lavish in only one time but dream about for the rest of their life. Sedona features five major business areas listed below:

Ã?·West Sedona which if often called ‘The real downtown’.
Ã?·Hozho is referred to as ‘The gallery district’ as well as Hillside.
�·Tlaqupaque is a beautiful village filled with arts and crafts.
Ã?·Village of Oak Creek that has 30-year-old Spanish style buildings, it’s quite remarkable.

Anyone living in Sedona can have access to these world class shopping areas filled with delights for everyday, as well as one of a kind gifts, tourist goodies and some of the biggest collections of unique collectable that would satisfy the desires of any collector.

Living in Sedona doesn’t just mean frequenting some of the best shopping on earth but practical shopping needs are a must such as shopping for groceries, pharmacies, furniture outlets and great stores to find practical living needs. Well you don’t have to drive for hours to find what you need. Living in Sedona is ideal because not only is Sedona a wealthy place of beauty but you can get a gallon of milk when you need it too!

Medical Facilities in Sedona

Living in Sedona doesn’t mean sacrificing quality healthcare either; some of the nation’s most trusted pharmaceutical names such as Walgreen’s and Rite-Aid have pharmacies along with established privately owned pharmacies of convenience as well.

Verde Valley Medical Center is a state of the art hospital with 24-hour emergent care that employs board certified doctors and nurses that features a cancer treatment unit. Living in Sedona also means having access to more than one hundred doctors offices, surgeons, Ob-Gyn specialists and pediatrics.

Schools in Sedona

Living in Sedona with children means finding the right school and in Sedona, that’s no problem. Sedona is home to tens of schools from public, private and even religious focused schools and Arizona’s student/teacher ratio is attractive for parents that want their children to have plenty of one on one at 21.3 âÂ?¦ take a look at the schools below:

Sedona Public Schools

Sedona-Oak Creek District Office
(More Information)

Big Park Community
(7 miles south of Sedona)
Grades K – 8

Sedona Charter School
Grades 1 – 6

Sedona Integrated Pre-School
Ages 3 – 5

Sedona Red Rock High School
Grades 9 – 12

Terra Rosa: Waldorf Inspired Charter
Grades 1 – 4

West Sedona
Grades K – 8

Sedona Private Schools

The Children’s Center
Ages 3 – 10
State licensed, pre and after school.

Oak Creek Ranch School
Grades 6 – 12
General & college preparatory, learning disabilities, under achievers & ESL

The Orme School
Grades 7 – 12,co-ed
College preparatory boarding, day students

Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten & Pre-School
Ages 3 – 6

Sedona Christian School
Age – 3 years old up to 8th grade
pre and after school day care.

Sedona Montessori School
Ages 3 – 6 âÂ?¦ extended day program.

Southwestern Academy
(16 miles SW of Sedona)
Grades 9 – 12
Co-ed College preparatory boarding.

Treehouse Learning
Comprehensive childcare & pre school services.

Verde Valley School
Grades 9 – 12, co-ed college preparatory boarding & day students.

Living in Sedona will not by anyway alter your children’s quality of education and Sedona is also home to two colleges as well as conveniently near some of the top colleges in the state.

Activities in Sedona

Living in Sedona means being a member of the Sedona community and activities in Sedona include the Fine Arts Festival every May plus no one can miss the Red Rock Music Festival every August! Living in Sedona means being a part of all the annual parades and festivals, vendors set up booths featuring arts and crafts, food and contests. While these types of activities may come around once a year, anyone living in Sedona can visit some of the main attractions anytime.

Attractions in Sedona

Living in Sedona means it’s possible to visit Oak Creek Canyon anytime and with 16 miles of streams and waterfalls âÂ?¦ who wouldn’t? Plus Slide Rock State Park is fun for an entire family featuring a natural water slide, swimming and fishing. Living in Sedona means more than just having access to some of the parks, being surrounded by natural beauty and fishing all day âÂ?¦ although it could!

While living in Sedona you can tour the museum, hike, take in a movie, grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants from upscale to family buffet, Italian to Chinese or good ole American bistro and mouth watering steaks, living in Sedona is truly an experience to be savored.

Best of all, living in Sedona doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The cost of living for those living in Sedona is consistent with national estimates and living in Sedona is ideally sensible with all that Sedona has to offer. If you are interested in living in Sedona, real estate in Sedona at this moment couldn’t be better and if you’ve considered living in Sedona before âÂ?¦ now could be your time.

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