Living in a Small Apartment with Children

This can be a challenge for any parent, living in a small space with very active children. It is very difficult to keep your children from running and jumping. This is something that will probably annoy your neighbors whether you are in the upstairs apartment or the downstairs apartment. Most apartment complexes even have a noise ordinance which states that you can not make any loud noise after a certain time at night. Usually this time is set at about 10:00pm. Parents are eager to purchase their own homes but many find it very difficult, no matter where you live. There are several things that may help to keep you and your neighbors from going crazy.

First you can try giving your children and early bedtime. Of course this means that they will probably wake up a lot earlier, but it will keep your neighbors from complaining so much. It will definitely help to put your children on a schedule and make sure they stick to it. This may even mean shortening their nap time. Most people are only concerned about loud noises at night, so it is best if your little ones burn most of there energy during the day.

Another thing that you will want to do is make sure they get plenty of time to play outside. Not only will this help to wear them out, but they will get exercise that all children need. If you are unable to afford a larger apartment you may think about requesting a downstairs apartment. This will help to minimize some of the complaints that you receive. There are also some apartments that have two floors, which could also be a huge help, if you can afford it. Having more than one child will definitely make the problem more difficult to handle. This is especially the case if you have children under the age of 2.

They cry constantly and most of the time at night. Before you even move into an apartment, you will want to check and make sure that the walls are thick enough to prevent too much noise from coming through. You would be surprised at how many apartments are made so cheap, that the walls are almost paper thin and you can hear everything. However if no one has complained to the landlord and nothing has been said to you. There is really nothing to worry about. Most of the time the people that complain do not have kids themselves and do not want to be bothered with any. But the fact that you live in an apartment does give you certain rights.

If you have an infant for example that is crying during the night, there is nothing you can really do about it until the baby gets older. No landlord can evict you just because your baby cries or makes noise at night. Even if they tried the courts just would not allow it. This may seem like such a hassle but when you are forced to live in an apartment this is just one of the many thing that you have to learn to deal with.

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