Local Resident Saw Something Scary Outside Front Door

A Friendly Hills community resident in the city of Arvada, Colorado was walking through her foyer. Recently divorced mother of two, Ms. Janeane Faris, 38 later told police that her door was open and she could see her front lawn as clear as day. “It was hideous, large and I could have sworn it had glowing red eyes,” Ms. Faris stated.

She and her two sons, Mike and Kevin are staying at her sister’s. Kevin had this to say: “I’m surprised. I like living here. Neighbors are friendly. I can’t figure out why we have to move out because my mom thought she saw something.”

Police are just as skeptical. In relation, there have been many unexplained disappearances, and sightings all over the state. “We’ve got a suspect in custody right now who says he’s responsible for all of the kidnappings,” Det. Frank Miller stated. “But if these sightings continue we will have to release him and start from scratch.” However, police aren’t issuing their suspect’s name, leaving residents to question their position in this case.

“We’re all frightened to go outside,” grandmother of two and Denver resident, Louise Felt, 76 said. “Are we in danger or aren’t we?” late-night gas station attendant, Howard Hill, 19 commented. “When are the police going to do something about these kidnappings,” assistant at the Denver MCI branch, Gale Vierra, 42 asked. While most residents of the Denver community are behind the local police, there are some who oppose their methods and worry after their abilities.

Mayor Donald Wake is requesting to issue a curfew for the entire metro area. Officials are concerned of such an act compromising local businesses as it has in other town around the state, including cities in Miguel county. But, Mayor Wake believes that if people are going to “continue parading around” at night, the more disappearances there will be.

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