Local Witness Under Influence?

A local COU student, Jerry Collins, 25 reported to police officers that he had seen the creature that had attacked the pigeon found yesterday in the Denver community. Collins, a native of Wallace, Arkansas told police, “It was big, I mean super big.” Police were skeptical whether his story was viable. Collins reportedly had the scent of beer on his breath.

Yesterday, witnesses discovered the body of a pigeon not far from the intersection of 38th and Trenton. Collins, who lives three houses down from a local bar has been seen there often. “He comes in here every night and orders the same damn beer,” bar owner, Ted Nelson, 49 commented.

Neighbors didn’t know how to comment on Mr. Collins’s story. Maggie Finch, 87, told police that Mr. Collins had been observing kager parties at his apartment. “They would blast their evil heavy metal music loud enough that my window shook,” Mrs. Finch commented. Many of his fellow COU students would attend every Friday night and they would make such a ruckus, Mrs. Finch would have trouble sleeping some nights.

Collins told police that he had seen a creature with monstrous claws, hairy hands, and leathery skin reach up out of the Trenton storm drain and “grabbed up” a piece of candy he had thrown on the grating. His voice trembled. He was obviously terrified. As it is uncertain whether or not Mr. Collins’s story is true or just a figment of his imagination is unclear, what is clear and true is the fear he expressed in telling it.

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