Logisys Clear PC Case

Whether you’re a computer junkie or just a user with a taste for style, almost nothing can give your PC a shot of cool like a transparent case. The standard black and grey cases on most factory PC’s are nice in a conventional sense, but if you want a system that really stands out, you’ll need an upgrade.

Logisys’ pre-assembled ATX acrylic case is a good choice, with lots of room. At about 24″x12″x22″, it can house just about any sized motherboard and has room to securely hold up to four CD/DVD drives, two floppy drives, and six hard drives. Rest assured that just about anyone’s system will fit in this tower, and with its durable construction, it can easily handle the weight of many media and hard drives.

In addition to the power and reset buttons on the front, two USB and audio ports allow easy access without having to move the tower. The brackets holding the ports isn’t terribly well-secured, and pushing the cables in harder than you need to may knock the tray loose.

Four fans come equipped on the case: one is in front, to the left of the power buttons, one in back (not counting the power supply’s fan) and two on the left side, all of which are UV-conducive. Of course, the fans and grills are replaceable with ones of your choice, though the included front grill is stylish and worth keeping.

The case comes in UV blue, red, green, or clear. With a cold-cathode blue, red or green light, respectively, the entire case glows brilliantly. And if you equip the case with LED lights, additional cold-cathode lights and fan grills, it will look even more complex and dazzling.

Transferring the innards of a computer to this case isn’t difficult for the average geek, but if you’re unfamiliar with the way a computer’s components are attached to each other, it would be best to take your computer and case to a professional and let him or her handle the installation.

As there is no metal skeleton under the acrylic case, small plastic blocks are put in each corner of the case so that screws have somewhere to go. The cubes can be difficult to work with, but that is essentially the only downside to owning this acrylic case.

For $60-80, this is an affordable, durable case with plenty of room for expansion and even more for lighting. You certainly don’t need it, but if you’ve seen one of these in action, it’ll be hard to pass up.

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