Logitech Mini Cordless Optical Mouse: Product Review

For click-heavy projects or long nights at a desk, an optical mouse becomes a handy computer accessory for us laptop users. But if you’re as picky as I am about the size and feel of your mouse, finding the perfect electronic rodent can be frustrating. I personally had three main criteria: 1) small and portable, 2) wireless, and 3) a scroll wheel instead of a scroll ball. Enter the Logitech Mini Cordless Optical Mouse, which was exactly what I desired. For under $25, this product fulfilled my expectations and even presented unexpected bonus features.

Here are the details:

1) The Logitech Mini Cordless Optical Mouse is indeed small and portable. While many of the quality wireless mice are designed for desktop use and thus gigantic next to a cute little laptop like mine, this one is truly “just right.” Beyond the compact size, though, it’s also designed to be portable. The mini receiver snaps neatly onto the back of the mouse for transport so that the two pieces become one – easy to stuff into a computer bag.

2) As I mentioned, the product is wireless – meeting my second criterion. The receiver is a little bulkier than I’d like because it blocks the other USB port on my laptop from easy use – more the fault of my laptop design than anything. All that said, this receiver is slimmer than many of those I saw in the stores, so I am satisfied. I never have any issues with slow or unrecognized, and I have even used it on a friend’s Mac in addition to my HP.

3) Instead of a huge gobstopper scroll ball (I really can’t stand those), the Logitech Mini Cordless Optical Mouse sports a compact, unobtrusive, and practical scroll wheel. Not only does it scroll up and down as you’d expect, but it also scrolls left and right and zooms. Everyone’s fingers are different, but I found the size and resistance level of this mechanism ideal. I could swear that Logitech used a model of my hand when designing this item.

Once the above criteria were fulfilled, I would have been satisfied, but I found that the Logitech Mini Cordless Optical Mouse also included some other positives, all related to the battery.

– It runs on just one AA battery, and they’re nice enough to include one in the package.
– When the battery does get low (months after regular use), the indicator light lets you know.
– The process of clicking the receiver back into the mouse is what shuts off the power so that you can’t really forget and risk running the battery down.

So, quick! Buy this mini mouse before it scampers away.

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