Lots of Fun in Dublin, Ireland

Whether it is your very first visit, or your fiftieth one, you can never get bored in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is a quaint city, jam packed to the gills with interesting people to meet, cool historical sites to visit, and fun things to do. It would probably be impossible to squeeze it all in on just one visit. And of course, Dublin is also blessed with its fair share of authentic pubs, if you are interested.

Depending on what time of year you visit, you may want to check out the Liffey swim. It occurs each year in August, and is an Ireland tradition that dates back the early 1920’s. Participants have to go through several qualifying races, before being able to enter the final event. It is a fun time to dress up, and enjoy a traditional Ireland event.

A major tourist attraction in Dublin is the Dublin Mountains. If you are staying near the center of the city, these mountains are about an hour’s ride away. They offer a ton of open country to explore, enjoy the fresh air, and hike along the winding trails and old roads. These mountains at one time were a common hideout among bandits and thieves. If you are really up for an adventure, travel along some of the old military roads and see what awaits you!

If you are a theatre fan, or are one of those people that have always wanted to go but never actually did, then you definitely should not miss the Fringe Theatre Festival. This is a big event for the city, and usually happens at the end of September, early October. You may want to consider planning your trip at this time, so as not to miss this yearly event. There are many different programs offered, and they cover a wide range of subject matter, so you should be sure to find one that suits your liking.

Dublin even offers a place for the golf fan in your family, at Saint Margaret’s Golf Club. It is easily accessible to all of the major hotels, usually only about ten minutes away. The course is well suited for players from novice, all the way to professional skill levels. There are also several practice areas set aside, so that you can warm up before your game begins. The club also offers a terrific restaurant as well, so the golfer has golf, food, and drink all in one spot.

Dublin also offers many historical sites and museums suitable for the whole family to enjoy. It is always a definite plus to be able to take your children on vacation, and find something to teach them about while you are there. Dublin offers castles and traditional farmhouses, which children love to explore, while teaching them about the Irish culture at the same time. Among these historical places to visit is the famous Christ Church, which still exists on the same foundation, as when building commenced on the Church in 1172. Part of the original construction still exists, but was rebuilt in 1878, and still stands today. There are several exhibits inside, ranging from rare coins, to prisoner stockades.

The city of Dublin also offers many stores in which to satisfy your desire to shop. You can purchase anything from traditional Irish clothing, jewelry, books, Ireland crafts and souvenirs, even cheese. There are more shops to see than you could cover in one day that is for sure. If shopping is your thing, make sure you have a lot of spending money for your trip, and extra luggage to pack all your new goodies in for the trip back home.

Regardless of your reason for choosing Dublin as your next vacation spot, you are sure to find enough things to do and see to hold your interest. The people of the city are very interesting and friendly, and provide a good insight into the culture of the Irish. Several museums serve as good sources of learning, both about the ancestry, and history of the Irish land and its inhabitants. You may find yourself so at ease that you don’t want to return at all, you never know!

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