Love Worthy

Fog and steam rise slowly over a vast, bare field. Today, the land will be covered once again by the violence. On both sides of this field are large lines of footmen preparing for battle. On one side, the men are carrying their twisted blades, large clubs, and bows loaded with fiery arrows forged with hate, malice and anger with the only purpose to kill. On the opposite side of the ancient field, the footmen are being issued their weapons. Once the weapon is in the warriors’ hands, they are satisfied and ready for battle. Only one warrior has the sense to examine his sword before he rushes into the whirl of battle. As he looks down at his hands, he sees a small dull sword, weak and broken. He looks around to his allies and instantly realizes that some of the other men’s swords are too small, most are too dulled to penetrate paper, and several lacked anything past the handle. Horror grasped the wise warrior’s soul as he watched his countrymen run passionately towards the enemy with their frail swords drawn and suspended over their heads. He passionately searched for an answer. Then his eyes were cast upon an ancient sword, standing erect from the ground from a battle that history no longer recollects. The handle was golden with many carving. The blade was large and sharp as a razor. This was a sword worthy of battle. His heart beat like a ritualistic drum as his hands spread over the primordial handle. In his mind he knew that he had to single-handedly win this war, but nothing in his mind doubted the possibility. He had the Sword-Worthy and this sword is Love.

This present world is one of darkness. It is constant warring of Hate and Love. Inside of this Great War are battles upon battles that we are thrown into. Divorces, family problems, child abuse, barriers between friend, are just examples of the types of battles that we are confronted by on a daily frequency. Like the warriors in the war that thought they were equipped for war, many people get into this war between Hate and Love thinking that they have “love” but realize latter that they were deceived. It is important to know what Love really is. Before one can understand Love they must understand its malevolent enemy.

Hate is said to be a strong word. In fact, it is. Contrary to belief, it lurks about around us much more than we have trained ourselves to understand. Any time that a person cares or shows care for themselves more than they care or show care for others, Hate occurs. Hate is impatient, Hate is never kind. It is envious and proud. Hate is rude, self-seeking, and easily angered. Every time someone is impatient, not kind, envious, proud, rude, self-seeking, or easily angered Hate has won the battle. Hate is a powerful conqueror that leaves its victims wounded and on the razor edge between life and death. Its goal is make someone never feel the presence of its enemy (Love-Worthy), no matter how hard that person may search for it. Hate will leave its victim feeling alone, unappreciated, unwanted, and scared.

Thousands upon thousands of people have never felt that they are appreciated. They will do things for people, trying to gain their appreciation, but are left without a hint of victory. Women will search for men and offer themselves physically to them, just to gain a false sense of appreciation. Men will put mask after mask on to hide who they are truly hoping to fool someone into thinking that they are someone much more enchanting than they think of their true selves to be. The false sense of appreciation will leave the woman and the masks will fall from the man’s face and both will be left feeling alone, unappreciated, unwanted, and scared. It is obvious that they are looking for answer in the wrong place. They are searching for the treasure with the wrong map in their hands. Chemical and hormones are the source of love between a man and a woman that begin work in humans, as they grow older. A love between friends comes from the need of acceptance and companionship and the other person’s capability to fulfill them. A young boy’s love for his dog derives from the dog’s loyalty and many times, the dog ability to do simple tricks. None of these types of love are eternal and they depend on what the other party is able to do for them. A man can begin to be attracted to another woman, friends can fight and grow apart, and old dog cannot learn new tricks. These negative situations are driven by an attitude of selfishness. When these situations occur, Hate conquers more. Love-Worthy dominates over all of these perverted forms of love.

Love-Worthy is a phrase invented to describe the true type of Love that cannot be successfully translated into the English language or any human language; it is only understood in dialects of Heaven. It is the sole type of Love that is worth containing and also beckons the lover and the one he or she loves to not only feel worthy, but to know they are worthy for a full eternity. Love-Worthy is much too intense and supreme to be solely an emotion that one holds for another. It is much too powerful and divine to be solely a feeling one can have for oneself. It is much too glorious and passionate even to have derived from a human or physical life form. Love-Worthy must have come to humankind, not from humankind.A perfect portrait of Love-Worthy took place about two thousand years ago. The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so Loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God sent His Son to this earth to die for the world a horrible painful death. God got no pleasure of sending His Son to die upon a rugged cross. Like God, Jesus also gained no joy or satisfaction to have nails piercing His flesh. This was the only way for humankind to vaguely understand Love-Worthy. It had to be sent down to us at our finite level of understanding. We would never create it or understand it by ourselves.

Jesus Christ lived and died to show humankind Love-Worthy. The Bible reveals the ultimate level of Love-Worthy in 1 John 3:16, “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.” This is Love-Worthy. No one is able to have Love-Worthy until they are able to wrap their minds and souls around this concept: Because we were died for, we ought to live for others, not ourselves. God found humans to worthy enough to die for. Humans never did anything deserve dieing for, but He thought of us to be worthy.

Once someone accepts Love-Worthy from God, he or she is able to feel worthy in the eyes of God and no longer care to be found worthy in the eyes of other humans. Pumping through the heart of God is acceptance, appreciation, and worth. Humans can only find these things in God. If someone searches for these things in other humans, he or she will come up dry and disappointed because people have always and will always find ways to fail, disappoint, and let others down. God, on the other hand, is flawless. If one lived following the wrong map in search of Love, He will take it away and give to them the real map that leads them to Him. He is eternal. Therefore, His Love-Worthy never stops and will never fail.

Once someone accepts God’s Love-Worthy he or she must realize that they must follow Christ’s actions and serve other’s. They must pass this Love selflessly to others by caring for them more they care for themselves as Jesus did for them. As others are introduced to Love-Worthy by observing it in the selfless actions of others, they too will soon understand God’s acceptance and appreciation. Never will they become disappointed because the Love is eternal because, likewise, God is eternal. The battle between Love and Hate is still raging. Many run into battle with a false sense of love. They think that they know how to love, but have little to no understanding that in order to love, they must allow themselves to understand the Love that was sent to us from God. They fight with weak weapons created by man, and after the weapon falls apart, they are left vulnerable to attack. They are left feeling alone, unappreciated, unwanted, and scared. The only weapon fit for battling against Hate is Love-Worthy. Love-Worthy is a Love that can only come from God. It is selfless. It is eternal. It is unconditional. It is laying down our live for other’s needs. Ultimately, Love is selflessness. It can cut through the toughest enemy and penetrate the hardest and coldest of heartCall for Action âÂ?¦his eyes were cast upon an ancient sword, standing erect from the ground from a battle that history no longer recollects. The handle was golden with many carving. The blade was large and sharp as a razor. This was a sword worthy of battle. His heart beat like a ritualistic drum as his hands spread over the primordial handle. He can see his reflection in the side of the mighty sword. The face is familiar; that warrior’s face is the same as yours. You now know what the real weapon truly is. God loves you and sent His Son down to reach you. He is handing you the Sword. He whispers in you ear, “Fight for me. Fight for Love.” The Sword is in your hand. What will you do?

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