Loving Annabelle: Interview W/ Erin Kelly

Taking on the role of Annabelle must have been overwhelming�Did you find it difficult to portray such an outgoing, determined, and assertive character?

No, I didn’t find it difficult. I enjoyed the differences I have with Annabelle because it gave me an outlet to express a part of
myself I don’t normally get to express.

Was the character of Annabelle set in stone or were you able to contribute to the character as well?

Yes, I contributed.

Do you have anything in common with Annabelle?

Yes. The rebellious, independent, fiercely passionate side of herself.

What have you learned, if anything, from playing Annabelle?

How to be comfortable with the expression of being a sexual being.

When approached by Katherine to play Annabelle what was your reaction?

Shock. Surprise. Disbelief. Excitement. I knew from the second that I met Katherine that I would know her for a long time. I knew it wasn’t a typical Hollywood thing and it was real. It felt right.

It has been mentioned Katherine work shopped this role with you. What was that like?

It was wonderful. Katherine is now one of my best friends.

Describe working with Katherine�

I don’t think I could have worked with a more supportive director. Working with her is safe. She’s just wonderful because of her passion that she has for her work and it gives everyone this buzz of excitement around her. And it’s contagious to everyone around her and it’s so nice to get swept up in that wave….everyone that meets her loves her.

Are you concerned about being type cast?


Do you have any other creative aspirations? Writing, directing, music�.?

I have directed theater and I love it. I love to paint.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’m work shopping a movie with Katherine called mad world.

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