Lydia’s Organics Green Crackers

Lydia’s Organic’s sprouted, organic crackers are very likely filled with more vitalizing life force than any other crackers you will find in the health food stores. Their Green Crackers are a delightful blessing for the body and soul. And they taste excellent with spreads.

Lydia’s Organics creates dehydrated foods such as their Green Crackers, for raw, vegan, organic ingredients, all by hand. Lydia’s Organics Green Crackers have no trans fatty acids, which is very rare in crackers. Most crackers may be tasty, but compromise the health because of the heated oils that change chemical form and become poisons to the body. They also uses no grains, which is a boon for those on a grain free diet. Grains not only have a high carbohydrate count, they are also relatively new in food for our species, being developed by farmers rather than growing naturally along side humans. They very often contain molds, which wreak havoc on the health. Many people are surprised to learn that not only wheat, but many other grains contain gluten, which forms a kind of glue in the intestines.

Lydia’s Organics Green Crackers contain sprouted sunflower seeds, collards, soaked walnuts, sprouted flax, garlic, organic Himalayan crystal salt, and other ingredients. They are vegan, with no oils at all. People on a totally sodium free diet should avoid them, as they do contain 120 mg. of sodium in three crackers. That serving is only 35 calories though, and contains no dairy, which is a boon for those who are allergic to dairy, avoid it because of being such the top mucus producing food, because of the environmental problems of raising cattle, or the ethics of animal product consumption. People who care about their bodies, the environment, and supporting a company that cares about life may be able to spring for the cost, which is over 7 dollars. The company, Lydia’s Organics, is truly committed to bringing us true nutrition.

Lydia Kindheart is a special person. Growing up in the environment of yoga, herbology, and vegetarianism, she developed her spiritual awareness of food and bringing joy to the world. Her desire to empathize with the hungry made her begin long fasts at a young age. She studied the pioneer writers on raw, living foods which maintain their life force. According to the principles of the Essenes, she made Essene bread on a rock in the desert. Traditionally, soaking the wheat is seen as letting it be blessed by the Angel of Water, sprouting it is letting it be blessed by the Angel of the Air, and the sun dries it, which allows it to be blessed by the Angel of Fire. This process avoids the heat of an oven destroying the enzymes, which contain the life force. Instead, the enzymes are increased during sprouting, as the phytites are released, which otherwise remain in place to keep the grains from germinating. Phytites make digestion much more difficult, and when foods are soaked and sprouted, they become much more assimilatable.

Lydia expressed her compassion for the world through opening a raw food deli in Fairfax, California, desiring to nourish people with true life filled foods. After bringing her culinary creations to festivals, she then began the deydration company. Besides the simple chemistry of enzyme power, food is imbued with the vibration with which it was prepared, and as she says on her site, “Besides the simple chemistry of enzyme power, food is imbued with the vibration with which it was prepared…Lydia realized then that she had real positive impact on people through offering food that was consciously selected and prepared with love.”

As a special treat, Lydia’s Green Crackers really can make you feel you are participating in the flow of love and goodness. People are spending the extra money to buy them, according to the health food stores which carry them. They may be purchased not only at conscious living stores and festivals, but also online at the company’s site. Share them with others you love, and show reverence for the moment, and for the bounty of nature. Rather than killing off the life force of foods, eat foods that are prepared to accentuate the life force. And feel yourself glow.

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