Because one soldier was kidnapped, Israel started bombing gaza, then Hezbollah
in Lebanon started rocketing Israel and also kidnapping their soldiers. Things
are flaring up even worse in the mideast and it appears to be inspired by the
usual bad characters in Iran and Syria. They are bound and determined that
there will be no free states in the mideast, period, and that Iran will develop
nuclear weapons.

Iran is hoping to stall any resistance in the UN until they achieve that goal.
Iran and Syrian are definitely behind this latest flare up, as the theocratic
anti-semitic dictatorship in Iran behave like spoiled children who have been
told that they can’t have that latest nuclear toy that they want so badly.

In France, quisling Chirac said that Israel’s response was “disproportionate”.
But Israel is surrounded by beligerent islamofascist states that want to
destroy them and kill all the jews in the world if they could. In fact Iran and
Syria have been pouring fighters and arms into Iraq to try to defeat the U.S.
there and cause Iraq to fail as a relatively free nation and become a
dictatorship terrorist base, like those two countries are.

Would Chirac call such a response “disproportionate” if France had beligerent
forces on their borders, kidnapping and murdering their soldiers and raining
down rockets on them and threatening to destroy them? Probably. The french seem
to have become the world’s quisling weasels in this global conflict.

The price of oil is heading upwards because of all this, again today. Nervous
futures markets.

I’m getting the sense that Iran is allying with al qaeda and will continue to
inflame things until the U.S. has no other choice but to go to war with them
to. As if their support of the terrorist insurgents in Iraq wasn’t bad enough,
the situation now is becoming intolerable.

What President Bush should do now, if he has the good sense to, is to ask
Congress for a declaration of war against islamofascist terrorism anywhere in
the world that it exists. No state should be allowed to sponsor attacks on the
United States or other countries under the guise of wanting to dominate the
world for radical Islam. No state should be a safe haven for the likes of Osama
Bin Laden and al qaeda.

And indeed the U.S. may be forced to attack Iran now, the government of Iran
appears to want it and be pushing for it. If that happens, Americans should be
prepared for direct attacks by Iranian cells within this country. Iran is much
larger and better organized than al qaeda by itself and if they ally with al
qaeda against the U.S., it may be impossible to prevent direct attacks against
the U.S. mainland.

Mark my words, this looks like it’s heading for some very serious times now.
Iran and Syria must be stopped, one way or another, and it doesn’t look like
it’s going to be peacefully.

Then we also have to deal with North Korea, where their totalitarian dictator
is threating everything from South Korea and Japan to the mainland United
States too, with nuclear attacks, if we won’t support his failed Communist
regime with goods, food and lots of money. Nuclear blackmail folks. Where will
that end up?

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