Maggie’s Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine

Maggie’s Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine evolved through a fish market that Maggie herself owned in the 1970’s. Eventually, this fish market became something more.

It became the best restaurant we ate at in Bar Harbor, Maine.


Maggie’s is located on Summer Street in Bar Harbor. It’s a nice location because it’s in town, but not on one of the main drags there. Bar Harbor can get very crowded during the warmer months, and the thing about Maggie’s Summer Street location is that it makes you feel somewhat shielded from the masses (it’s a side street). Still, it’s near where you’re likely going to spend the majority of your time in Bar Harbor.

Premises/ Service

This Victorian home turned restaurant is quaint and clean. The mood was quiet and casual, yet the piping soft music would certainly beckon to romantics looking for a moment of peace.

The service was absolutely professional. The waitresses were prompt, courteous, and helpful. Best, the food came out hot and as requested. In addition, the owner, Maggie herself, came by in order to make sure that things were going well for us.

With Children

Anytime a family with three children below the age of four come into a nice restaurant, the family is hoping for understanding staff. Luckily, that’s what we found at Maggie’s. When one of our children cried, we saw a waitress and Maggie smile, not scowl, and this was reassuring. In addition, the restaurant staff were smart enough to seat us near the bar and away from the tables alongside the restaurant. In other words, because we came for an early dinner before the majority of patrons showed, they allowed us to dine away from the masses that would be eventually entering. There is nothing more annoying for families with a surplus of young children than to be seated right next to a couple hoping for peace and quiet when it doesn’t have to be. The staff at Maggie’s seemingly recognized that.

Last, Bar Harbor is known for seafood. Unfortunately, young children don’t tend to enjoy fish, which can make things hard at nicer restaurants. Luckily, Maggie’s makes pizza (of the thicker crust variety). The pizza was good, and two of our three children ate it, which is about as good as it ever gets.

The Food

The Food at Maggie’s Restaurant in Bar Harbor was unique, delectable, and worth coming back for again and again. Interesting is that in the 1990’s the owners bought a farm and began to grow their own vegetables and herbs. The freshness of their food was evident.

We ordered the Lobster Stuffed Cheddar Potatoes as an appetizer. They were good. Then came dinner; it was great.

The Lobster Crepe- sauteed in a French style sauce- was literally mouth watering and comes very highly recommended. It was the best thing we ate during our entire stay in Bar Harbor. In addition, the Scallops, pan- seared with Bacon, Fresh Corn, and Roasted Red Peppers were also delightful, unique, and highly recommended.

Dessert was just as good. We had some of Maggie’s homemade ice cream and peach sorbet, which were specifically rememberable- let’s face it, a rarity when it comes to such items. When Maggie told us that she made the frozen desserts we’d ordered on her own, it shed light on things as they just tasted different (in a good way). By the way, all three children ate their ice cream with no problem.

In Sum

If you’re vacationing in Bar Harbor, Maine, definitely check out Maggie’s Restaurant on Summer Street. It’s good for families or couples searching for that time to reconnect. Further, the food at Maggie’s is second to none in Bar Harbor. Maggie’s Restaurant comes with my highest recommendation.

Contact Information:
Maggie’s Restaurant
6 Summer Street
Bar Harbor, Maine
(207) 288-9007

Maggie’s Restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 5- 9:30 P.M.

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