Magnetic Bookcase

While normal bookcases are perfectly fine for storing books, the problem comes when you have to constantly shift the selves depending upon how many and what type of books you are storing. Worse yet, the stoppers used in between the shelves on your bookcase don’t always work and the moment they pop out of place you could have a real mess on your hands. I wanted to come up with a bookcase that eliminated this problem, but also got rid of the stoppers themselves, magnets was the answer.

Materials for this project

*Large sheet magnets

*Wood glue


*Wood Cleaner

*Sand paper

*Sheet metal

Preparing your bookcase

Before beginning this project you will want to clear and remove each shelve from the bookcase. Once all contents have been removed, clean each shelve and the inside of your bookcase to ensure that no loose debris are present. This will allow for easy adhesion of the magnets later and also prevent slipping of the shelves. Sand all of your shelves with super fine sandpaper so as to not affect the length of the shelves in such a way that they no longer rest easily in your bookcase. Allow the wood cleaner to dry from the bookcase and the shelves before proceeding to the next step.

Completing the magnetic bookcase

For each of the shelves present in the bookcase, measure the length and width of the each end. While factory cut shelves tend to be the same size, this is not always a guarantee and measuring each will ensure accuracy. Using these measurements, cut a pieces of sheet metal to go over the ends of each one of your shelves, this will act as the contact between the shelves and the magnets. Take the rubber silicone and apply it to the ends of your bookshelves, holding each piece of sheet metal for five minutes before moving on to the next. Measure the length and width of the inside of your bookcase sides and cut magnets to length. Attach the magnets to the inside of your bookcase with the help of wood glue, holding each piece to ensure a proper hold. Do the same to the outside of your bookcase, this will allow you to use the outside of your bookcase to attach important papers and information. Allow both the inside and outside of the bookcase to dry for twenty four hours before installing the bookshelves. Once the drying period has ended you can begin restocking your bookcase. The metal on the bookshelves will allow you to now freely move them without having to unload everything on them and will also provide a stronger hold as opposed to regular stoppers. If you would like to increase the weight bearing ability of your shelves, you can place small pieces of flat metal underneath to act as a brace.

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