Magnificent Magnesium – Why the Mineral is so Important to Your Health

While nutrients are vital for health, many of them tend to be all-too-often overlooked. One of these vital nutrients is Magnesium. This nutrient is essential to our cardiac health, bone health, nervous system health, muscle health, proper blood pressure and blood sugar. The bad news is the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey indicates the diets of most adult men and women (about 60% of us) do not provide the recommended amounts of magnesium. People who are using antibiotics, oral contraceptives, some prescription drugs, diuretics, or too many laxatives may be at higher risk for deficiency.

One of the reasons magnesium deficiencies are so easily overlooked is because the symptoms can be so various in type and severity. One such symptom may be asthma. Magnesium is necessary to help relax the bronchial tubes and smooth muscle of the esophagus, making it beneficial to those suffering from severe asthma or bronchial problems.

Another case for magnesium is that it has been successfully used as a treatment for preventing the development of migraine headaches in both children and adults. Research shows that nearly 50% of those suffering from migraines are magnesium deficient, so there is an obvious link.

Though you may not realize it, mineral deficiencies can also cause serious psychological and physiological problems. In regard to magnesium, research has proven that deficiencies can lead to serious problems such as depression, stress-induced physiological damage (such as cardiovascular damage, loss of breath, etc.), severe anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and even suicidal or violent tendencies. Some scientists have even discovered a link between those who commit violent crimes and severe magnesium deficiencies.

Those suffering from kidney stones may also find it comforting to know that supplementing with proper amounts of magnesium may offer some relief. This is because magnesium helps increase the solubility of calcium crystals and prevents stones from forming.

We may never understand the full effects of being nutrient deficient, but one thing is for sure. If you are deficient in important nutrients like magnesium, your health is at risk.

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