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Do you have a mailing list that has grown by leaps and bounds? If so, congratulations are in order. You are definitely on the right track to successful business promotion.

At this point, you might want to consider utilizing a mailing list management service. Using this type of service will dramatically cut down on the time you spend sending out and even replying to certain types of email. You can then use the time saved to promote your business in other ways.

You have several options when choosing a mailing list management tool. There are basic no-cost plans and plans which are paid for on a monthly basis. Many people opt to first try a free service and then upgrade to a premium service after experiencing the benefits of the basic plan. ( ) offers many useful, no-cost web tools. Their mailing list tool includes the following key features:

~ Easy subscriber sign-up. Simply copy and paste a bit of code on each of your web pages. This box can be altered to match the look of your site.
~ Receive email notification of each new subscriber.
~ A variety of pre-made HTML email AND newsletter templates.
~ Performance tracking.
~ Subscriber search.
~ Double opt-in feature and more!

Your Mailing List Provider ( /) offers both a free and a paid service. The no-cost version has several restrictions but is still suitable for a small business. List owners, on this plan, are allowed to send 1 mailing a day to up to 1,000 subscribers. The free version also features an automatic un-subscribe function, newsletter archive option and individual subscriber addressing.

The paid service starts at a VERY affordable monthly rate and is ad free. Rates are based on the number of subscribers, size of newsletter (measured in bandwidth) and frequency of newsletter mailings. This premium plan allows you to choose either a single opt-in or double opt-in policy.”> ( ) is a more advanced, yet easy to use, full featured mailing list and autoresponder service. This is the way to go if you use email and newsletters as your main method of advertising. You can use Aweber to send out multiple mailing lists and newsletters to an unlimited number of subscribers. You can set up an unlimited number of autoresponders, which are sent out within five seconds of receiving an inquiry-type email.

Aweber also offers a web form “pop-up” creator, numerous online training videos and free unlimited customer support when you subscribe to their service. Visit their site and view their demo for additional information.

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