Make Bathroom Guest Ready in 6 Quick Steps

You just got notice that guests are coming and there is little time to make the house presentable. Focus the short amount of time you have cleaning the most important rooms which guests will be in, and one of those rooms is the guest bathroom. These six steps will quickly make the guest bathroom look and smell like you have just spent an hour scrubbing it.

No-Scrub Toilet Cleaning
For a quick cleaning solution to the toilet bowl interior, drop a denture tablet in the toilet bowl and let fizzle and soak for 15 minutes, then flush. If you don’t have a denture tablet handy, an Alka Sletzer tablet will do the trick too.

Mirror, Mirror
Get mirrors sparkling clean by pouring a little rubbing alcohol on a clean wash cloth and giving the mirrors a quick rub down. The rubbing alcohol will clean away any splatters and debris and leave the mirrors with a streak-free shine.
Rubbing alcohol also kills germs, so while you have the damp cloth in your hand, go ahead and give the sink spigots and other bathroom surfaces a quick swipe.

Shower Curtain Quick Clean
If the shower curtain in the guest bathroom is looking a little dingy, take it down and toss it in the washing machine along with the alcohol-damp wash cloth and a couple of hand towel. Add laundry detergent and wash on the shortest wash cycle your machine has. When the wash cycle is complete, toss the shower curtain into the dryer for about three minutes (just long enough to heat and remove wrinkles) then hang it back on it’s curtain rod.

Stop Soap Mess
Liquid hand soap dispensers save cleaning time and help keep the bathroom looking neater all the time. Replace bar soap at the sink with a decorative liquid hand soap pump. Replace the bar soap in the guest shower with a new bottle of shower gel.

Air Freshener
For a bathroom to really feel like it’s clean, it has to smell good. Grab whatever you have on hand that smells good and use it in the guest bathroom. Bring in an air freshener from another room, grab the spray air freshener, spritz perfume in the air, place a bouquet of fresh flowers on the vanity or pour a little Pine-Sol in the toilet or sink. Anything for a quick, fresh scent.

Light the Way

Plug in a motion sensor night light to light the way for your guests. This is especially needed (and appreciated) if guest are staying overnight.

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