Make Money as a Pet Groomer

Many pet owners are concerned with the appearance of their pets and in the summertime many pets need to be properly clipped to prevent overheating. Although many pet owners wish to have their pets groomed, few can actually do it themselves. If you have a love for pets, can properly groom them or are willing to learn how, a pet grooming business could be a successful opportunity for you.

Starting your own pet grooming business requires time, money, the necessary equipment, skill, the ability to learn, and patience. The start up costs for developing this business can vary; however, the average cost for a small operation will begin around $15,000. Many men and women begin this business by starting out small in their basement or garages. As with any business, you will need a business phone and answering service. Other important equipment that may be needed can include cages, work tables, general grooming tools, bathing tubs, bowls, food, water, electric and heat hookups.

To get your business up and running you will need to target potential customers. Placing an advertisement in local papers or pet magazines is a great way to gain clients. If there are any local pet stores in your area or other business that have bulletin boards, post a flier or business card. Your fees should be based on the breed, size, and weight of the animal that you are grooming. Most in home groomer’s, charge no less than $25 per animal.

If you have a large amount of room to work with, you may consider expanding your business and incorporating other pet needs. For example, if you have the space and money to purchase large kennels, you could board animals while their owners are on vacation or out of town. Also, you could also set up a mini-store and sell pet supply products.

If you are interested in starting a pet grooming business, you need to remember to check all local and state laws before you begin your operation. Always keep your grooming space clean and free of pet odor and ways treat the animals as if they were your own.

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