Make Your Bathroom a Safe Haven

Parents baby proof their bathrooms for their children. However, sometimes they neglect to safety proof the bathroom for themselves. Even adults need to be protected from the dangers of their own house. Safety proofing for children is just not enough. Bathrooms can be major safety hazards to everyone. Here are a few bathroom safety features you should implement in your own house.

GFI Outlets
The bathroom is full of dangerous water and electrical situations. It is extremely possible to get shocked when a hairdryer cord or curling iron cord touches water. For this reason, it is important to install GFI electrical outlets. These outlets are designed to shut off power if there is a sudden power surge. Water touching a hot wire causes a power surge. Many new bathrooms include GFI outlets already, however, older houses usually do not. Fortunately, these outlets are fairly inexpensive to install into older bathrooms.

Shower Doors
For those that have shower curtains, this next issue is not a problem for you. Many shower doors are made of glass. Make sure your doors are made of a plastic material or shatterproof glass. If they are made of standard glass and break, you could be looking at severe glass injuries.

Hot Water Valves
Hot water in the bathroom can be a danger to many people: those with diabetes, the elderly, and children. Fortunately, there are great water shut-off valves on the market that detect when water is too hot in your showerheads or faucets. When it senses excess heat, the problem is immediately fixed.

Grip Bars
Bathrooms have many ideal locations for grip bars. Showers, baths, and toilets are perfect places to place grab bars for the elderly. These bars are also nice for anyone incase someone should slip. The grab bars prevent anyone from falling in a slippery tub.

Bathtub grips
Bathtubs can become extremely slippery. If you stand in a slippery tub, you risk falling and hurting yourself. The easiest fix to this problem is to install bathtub grips. These are sticky rubber figures that stick to the bottom of your tub. They allow your feet to have traction and a good grip on the ground.

Don’t only think of your children when you safety proof your house. Remember that your own safety is just as important. Do yourself a favor and make your bathroom safety proof for adults to prevent any future injuries on your part.

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