Make a Homemade Thank-You Gift Jar

We’ve all heard the phrase “thanks a million.” Has someone done something thoughtful for you, and you’d like to thank them by giving them a unique homemade thank-you gift that expresses this catchy phrase? Homemade gifts make great thank-you gifts for people who have done something thoughtful or kind. Although homemade thank-you gifts don’t generally cost as much as store-bought thank-you gifts, they are actually more thoughtful than thank-you gifts bought from the store. Making and giving a homemade thank-you gift offers a unique part of yourself. Homemade gifts that say “thank-you” show a deep appreciation to the recipient. Making and giving a homemade gift is a true expression of thanks that comes right from the heart.

If you’d like to thank someone in a very unique way, consider giving them a gift jar full of candy that literally says “thanks a million!” This thank-you gift jar is easy to make, and it is the most unique thank-you gift you could ever give. A “thanks a million” thank-you gift jar is a homemade gift that says thank-you in a sweet and unique way. Give a “thanks a million” thank-you gift jar to someone special, and you will make them feel like a million bucks!

Necessary Supplies

10 “One Hundred Grand” miniature candy bars

Small glass jar with a lid

Colored tissue paper in a color of your choice

Metallic curling ribbon in three different colors

Sheet of card stock

Paper punch



Begin making this unique thank-you gift by locating an attractive glass jar, with a lid, that will hold 10 miniature candy bars. You can find unique glass jars with lids at craft stores and mass merchandise retailers that sell craft supplies. The household aisles of most major discount stores offer a good selection of unique glass jars with lids.

After locating a unique jar for this one-of-a-kind thank-you gift, wash the jar in hot soapy water, rinse, and dry it thoroughly. Next, begin lining the jar with the candy bars so the fronts of the candy bar labels face outward. You want the recipient of this unique thank-you gift to see the “100 Grand” labels. To hold the candy bars in place, stuff an appropriate amount of colored tissue paper in the center of the jar. Place the remaining candy bars on top of the tissue paper, arranging them nicely inside the thank-you gift jar.

Decorate the top of this unique thank-you gift jar with three different colors of metallic curling ribbon. Curl three lengths of ribbon that will wrap around the top of the thank-you gift jar, and attach the ribbons while arranging them in an attractive manner.

Cut out a small rectangular piece of card stock, and fold it in the center, creating a miniature card. On the front of the thank-you gift card, write the words “Thanks a Million.” On the inside write whatever comes to mind that expresses your feelings of thanks and gratitude. Punch a hole in the corner of the thank-you card, and tie it to the top of the gift jar using a shorter piece of metallic curling ribbon.

The recipient of this unique and thoughtful homemade thank-you gift will absolutely love it. It’s a very unique way to express yourself through a homemade thank-you gift. Your feelings of thanks and appreciation will be felt every time the recipient opens this homemade gift jar that literally says “thanks a million!”

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