Make a Unique and Indestructible Concrete Bluebird House

Do you want a unique bluebird house that’s easy to make and virtually indestructible? You can make a unique bluebird house that is indestructible easy to make, and this bluebird house is so durable it might outlast your house. How could a bluebird house be indestructible and easy to make? This unique bluebird house is made of concrete, and anyone can make one in a matter of minutes. All it takes to make an indestructible unique concrete bluebird house is a hollow concrete block, a wooden roof and base, a wooden post, and a few simple tools.

Necessary Supplies

You won’t need expensive supplies to make this easy and indestructible concrete bluebird house. You’ll need a square concrete block that is smooth on all sides and hollow in the center, a strong wooden pole that’s about five feet in length, ¼ inch plywood, a concrete chisel, a large concrete nail, an electric drill, a narrow masonry bit, a pencil, a quarter, a hammer, and epoxy glue.


Simply locate the center of the concrete block, and about three inches from the top edge, create the outline of a circle about an inch in diameter by tracing the outline of a quarter. Create notches around the outline with a hammer and masonry nail. Carefully and slowly drill through the notches, and chisel away the circle. Be careful not to enlarge the hole beyond the diameter of 1-½ inches. If the opening is larger, you’ll likely end up with larger birds such as sparrows in your bluebird house.

After making an opening in the concrete block, create a base and a roof for this unique bluebird house. Cut a sheet of plywood, or have the plywood cut at the lumberyard so it extends beyond the concrete block by about one inch. This will make a nice overhang for the top and a sufficient platform for the bottom. Epoxy the roof to the top of the concrete block.

Nail the center of the platform to the end of the post to complete this unique and indestructible bluebird house. Plant the post in the ground, and position the concrete block upon the platform. Don’t epoxy the block to the platform. The weight of the concrete will keep it in place. After each season when the bluebirds have left their very special house, lift the block and clean the platform for the next lucky family of bluebirds.

Additional Ideas

If you want to make a fancier concrete bluebird house that’s even more unique, consider attaching small stones to the concrete block with epoxy glue, caulking material, or additional concrete. If you don’t mind the expense, you can buy a small container of ready-made concrete from your local building supply store.

Your finished bluebird house will definitely be the most unique and the most indestructible bluebird house you could possibly make, and best of all, it is easy to build. Chances are, no one you know will provide a house for bluebirds quite like this house.

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