Make an Animal Costume for Two

Costumes for two are easy to make and are a lot of fun for various occasions. These particular costumes are difficult to find even in a costume shop but you can easily make your own version. Whether for kids or adults, and whether you want to be a dinosaur or a reindeer, you can make the costume by starting with a stuffed animal.

Choose a stuffed animal that is large for adults, a little smaller for kids. The animal’s head should be slightly larger than a person’s. Unfortunately for this craft, it’s necessary to cut the head off of the stuffed animal. Do so without losing the stuffing or re-stuff the head when finished with the amputation. Stitch or glue the neck area shut.

Choose fabric that closely resembles the color and texture of the animal head. Faux fur is a good choice. You’ll need about 5 yards for the animal’s body. Cut two sections that are each two yards long and the width of the fabric. Sew the fabric together on side, making a two-yard long seam.

Position the center of the back neck of the animal head to the seam of the sewn fabric piece. Stitch it in place by seaming from the side neck area, around the back, then over to the opposite side neck area. Looking at the front of the animal so far, you should notice an arc going from the bottom of the fabric, up under the front of the animal’s neck, to the bottom of the opposite fabric section. Cut a piece of fur, from the leftover fabric, to fit into this arc. Stitch in place. This will form the chest of the animal.

To make it easier to see where you’re going, while wearing the costume, some people cut a small circle out of the chest fabric and stitch in a circle of colored plastic. The colored plastic keeps others from being able to see in as well, but allows the wearer to see well. A plastic chain can be attached to the circle to make it appear to be a necklace or hanging tag.

Here’s where you need a third person to help. Have two people bend over, as if to wear the costume, then position the costume onto them. At the backside, align the two ends together and pin into place. Remove the costume from the people and stitch the back side shut. It may be necessary to make a tuck at the top seam on the back.

Make leg covers, if desired, by purchasing extra fabric and cutting it to form pant legs from above the knees, down. The fabric can be held in place by sewing elastic into the top of the leg sections. Make the pant legs long and flared if you want to hide shoes as well. Make a tail, mane, or accessories for your animal by using doll hair, yarn, or other craft items. Your new costume will sure impress the crowds, whether you’re putting on a play or going out for Halloween.

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