Making Cheap and Creative Cat Toys

Cats are lovable pets that seem to be always on the go. They need constant stimulation to keep them occupied and if they do not have it, they’ll go and seek it on their own. Instead of spending lots of money on the toys from the store, why not try making some of your own for less.

First and foremost, cats are mice catchers. They enjoy play mice and mine usually goes through many a year. To make one of your own, take old panty hose (or knee highs) and cut them down so you have enough room to turn it into a mouse. You’ll be stuffing it with cotton or another material. Shape it so it resembles a mouse. To make the mouse more appealing, sprinkle some catnip inside of it. Once you are satisfied with your creation, tie the panty hose into a knot and cut any large excess of material. You can always add eyes and what not later before you give it to your feline friend.

Cats also enjoy noise, so items that make noise when attacked are next on our list. For this, old pill bottles come in handy. Use a penny or two (or a marble, beads, ball bearings, etc) and place them in side. You might have to demonstrate how these work to your cat before it becomes a hit. To liven things up for the holidays, especially Easter, plastic Easter eggs work well.

Recently, cat teaser toys have increased in popularity, but they are fairly easy to make at home. First, do some searching outside to find a stick. It should be sturdy, so a tug won’t break it into half, but not too thick. You can always smooth it down before you start attaching the other items if need be. Next, find some sturdy string. You can find this at Wal-Mart or any of your local craft stores. Attach this to the stick by hot glue or craft glue.

Now comes the fun part. You can attach feathers or bells or other colorful, noise making items to help grab your cats attention. You can even take the mouse you made earlier and attach it to the string with a feather or two to make it more eye grabbing. Once it’s dry you’re ready to entertain your cat for hours on end.

If you’re looking for a scratching post, but the prices have you running in the other direction, look around your home for old pieces of wood. Small wood blocks can be nailed together to form a post. Old clothe can be attached to make the board a bit rougher and attention grabbing. Catnip can come in handy again here; sprinkle it all over the scratching post to help promote scratching in your cat on the board. It may take a few attempts to get them scratching the post full time, but that is ok. Make sure you correct them if they scratch anything they are not supposed to, and reward them whenever they use the post. Regular rewarding should ensure they catch on quick.

As always, if you don’t have time, nor the creativity to make any of the ideas listed above, boxes and paper bags will always do the trick. Cats enjoy hiding and stalking, and having a box or bag to hide in will help encourage their hiding and stalking behavior. You can cut holes in different shapes and sizes in these items to get their mind and body moving.

I hope I’ve inspired you to come up with ideas of your own.

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