Making Space with a Murphy Bed

A bed that folds into the wall is not only perfect for small space and children’s rooms; they are perfect for making a room multi-functional. Many homeowners choose to create their home office as a room to double for guests to save space, and make the room worthwhile, as it is not every night that you have guests, or sometimes need that extra bed. Although introduced more than a century ago, the bed is making a comeback, and many homeowners are choosing to take the plunge.

These beds that can fold into the wall are growing in popularity, as urban trends rise and small spaces become more and more popular. It is also referred to as a wall-bed and usually flips out from a cupboard, cabinet or wall and is mounted on a swing arm for easy use. The Murphy bed does not usually have a footboard, a headboard, or a box spring. Instead, the mattress is laid on mesh that helps to stabilize the mattress when it is in use. For practical purposes, the mattress is usually attached to the bed, so that there are no upsets when the bed is folded into the cabinet, or into the wall.

Often, the cabinets or wall areas that house the beds are completely hidden, and no one would realise there is a bed in the cabinet unless they have been opened. This makes them the perfect addition to any home requiring additional sleeping areas for guests, or small spaces requiring rooms or areas to be multi purposes.

The cabinets that house the beds can be finished to the desire of the installer with paint, stain or other coverings to match the room. Often, if the Murphy bed has been installed into the wall, the bottom of the bed will be the panel of the wall, rather than using money for cupboards, cabinets and other elements of design for the case.

Where do you find a Murphy bed? There are many sites that offer do-it-yourself kits for the home handyman. These websites such as; or can ship complete installation kits, ready to install to your home. Some of these beds cost as little as $500.00 and are ready to be installed into the wall of your multi purpose room this weekend. They come with all required hardware, and all you will need to do is shop for a mattress before the guests arrive!

Is it difficult to install a Murphy bed? These do-it-yourself kits available from many websites make the process as simple as possible. All hardware and instructions are included with the kit and both sites offer customer service lines that can help to answer any questions that the consumer has.

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