Making Your Yard Sale a Profitable One

Many of us take advantage of those gorgeous summer months by having a big yard sale. We all want to get rid of that stuff that has just been piling up in the garage. There are things you can do, however, that have proven to increase your yard sale profits.

When you begin setting up for your yard sale, you will want to make sure the space you have is big enough for customers to maneuver around. If they can’t get to the other side of the table, guess what? They won’t buy anything on the other side of the table. All items should also be placed within arms reach. No one likes bending over to search for items on a blanket. Make sure you use adequate tables.

Double check to be sure that all items are tagged with prices. When I am in a store and I see an item I want, but it doesn’t have a tag; I put it back on the shelf. Yard Salers are no different. When tagging your items be careful not to set the price to high. Keep in mind that the object of your sale is to get rid of your clutter.

Advertising your yard sale is key. First you will want to place an ad in your local paper. Every town has avid yard salers who watch the paper every week to see where the sales are. You want to get them to your house. For everyone else you need to create some posters or wooden signs that show your yard sale location. Make sure you use dark paint or markers so drivers can clearly see where they are to turn.

Choose the days of your sale carefully. Our township only allows for 2-day yard sales. By experience I have learned that Friday and Saturday have brought more customers and higher profits. Perhaps because most people attend church on Sunday.

Be prepared with appropriate change, and be available for questions. Don’t go inside and wait. Onlookers will leave or not stop all together.

Don’t be afraid to get your kids involved. Let them sell their own toys, clothes, games, etc. Let them make cookies or brownies to sell with some ice-cold lemonade. It is never too early to teach your child about earning extra money. Plus the added benefit that no one can turn down a cute little kid!

You might want to gather your neighbors as well and have a block yard sale. It will draw larger crowds, especially if you advertise this in the newspaper. The more stuff you have, the more people will stop to get a better look.

So there you have it. Some great tips to improve next summers yard sale profits.

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