Marriage: Communication Importance

When we make the choice to marry we want to live happily ever after. We want a loving, happy, successful marriage. After we’ve been married for a while, and the new has worn off, we tend to discover that marriage does not maintain itself. Marriage takes work from both spouses to stay functional. One of the main ingredients to a happy successful marriage is communication. Here are five tips on establishing and maintaining communication between you and your spouse.

1. Figure out what level of communication you already have. Do you long for more communication? Would you simply like to enhance the communication you already have? The first step is to realize your communication needs, and realize where your existing lines of communication are.

2. Enhancing communication. Maybe you are each talking but noone is listening. Enhance your communication by really putting forth an effort to be a good listener. Maybe you talk often, but about simple and generic things rather than personal. SIMPLY let your spouse know that you’d like to talk about how each of you feels inside, about your hopes, dreams and goals. Maybe you talk in depth to each other once a month or so, but long for more communication. Talk more often, like once a week.

3. Create new lines of communication. Call your spouse at the office just to say “I love you, hope you’re having a GREAT day”. Slip a love letter into your spouses purse, briefcase or lunch. Shut off the TV and use that time to discuss whatever comes to mind. All of these things can open up a new line of communication, bring you and your spouse just a little, if not a lot, closer together in the process.

4. Make the time to take the time to communicate. Set aside that time out of your day, each day. Time that is just for you and your spouse to connect and communicate. Make a date. That date can be something just for the two of you, something to look forward to. Like anything else, communication takes effort.

5. Remember WHO your spouse is. Look past their faults into their personality. Remember who YOU are. Your spouse loves you for who you are. Never feel inhibited when talking to your spouse. Don’t hold back or candy coat you feelings. You deserve your spouses utmost honesty, and your spouse deserves the same.

A long lasting marriage is a marriage that has been well maintained by the spouses within it. A healthy marriage is a marriage that will last a lifetime. A healthy marriage cannot be healthy without consistent communication. Always remember to make the time to take the time to communicate with your spouse 🙂

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