Married in Manhattan: Where Modern Young Couples Go to Tie the Knot

No two modern young couples are alike, but when it comes to planning a Manhattan wedding, every modern young bride and groom look for a venue that will make their ceremony a sacred escape from the chaos of city living. Manhattan is a bustling, exciting city with an abundance of everything from skyscrapers to all-night diners, so it is par for the course that there are tons of possible locations for a Manhattan wedding. Luckily, there is an ideal location for any kind of wedding in Manhattan, uptown or downtown, bohemian or traditional.

Many modern young Manhattan couples are excited by the idea of holding their wedding in an innovative location rather than in a traditional church. If this sounds like you and your soulmate, you may want to consider the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts building, a beautiful, urban-chic space in downtown Manhattan. The hip unfinished look of the space is the archetype of the kind of shabby glamour associated with the artsy, bohemian neighborhood. The building was erected in 1850, and the architects who created this grand, vaulted space were aiming to re-create the aesthetic style of a famous Gothic cathedral in Cologne, Germany. However, after the owners abandoned this downtown space in the 1970s, little attention was paid to the upkeep of the building for decades, until the Orensanz brothers took it over in the mid-1990s. Angel Orensanz is a world-renowned sculptor of Spanish origin, and his personal style and perceptive, creative eye for design dictated the remodeling of the space, which has a stylish, moody atmosphere perfectly suited to a modern young sensibility.

The ultimate modern young Manhattan couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick chose the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts building for their own wedding, setting off a trend picked up by many other hip New York luminaries. The Angel Orensanz building is not exclusively dedicated to weddings by any stretch of the imagination. The venue holds a variety of high-profile cultural and social events ranging from fashion shows to indie rock concerts to art exhibits. Located at 172 Norfolk Street, the Angel Orensanz building is a year-round meeting place for hipsters, fashionistas, and the jet-setters of the international art gallery scene. Many modern young city-dwellers planning a wedding consider the Angel Orensanz’s cultural and artistic prestige a selling point, and this innovative venue can be the ideal location for a very creative wedding ceremony. If you are considering booking the Angel Orensanz for a Manhattan wedding, call (212) 727-1711 to discuss pricing and to arrange a tour of the space.

Even the hippest, most avant-garde modern young couple can sometimes appreciate the need for traditional glamour, and there is no wedding venue more classically attractive than St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chelsea. This famous location is a classic Manhattan wedding venue with a rich history of striking ceremonies. This beautiful, romantic venue features breathtaking stained glass and an impressive pipe organ. However, St. Peter’s is gaining a lot of popularity with a stylish, youthful demographic as well. St. Peter’s is gracefully moving into the contemporary age and can suit the needs of a modern young couple. As a sign of the times, you can even discuss pricing and scheduling with St. Peter’s staff by email through

Around the country, more and more couples are opting for the freshness of an outdoor wedding. A marriage ceremony that takes place among the beauties of nature has a uniquely modern young feel, but it can be difficult for an urban couple to find a suitably elegant location for a wedding under the sky. Luckily, there are few places in Manhattan more unique than Central Park, and the park’s Conservatory Garden can be a great choice for an outdoor ceremony. As the only formal garden in the park, the Conservatory can add just a dash of classic sophistication to a modern young outdoor wedding. For information on booking the Conservatory, call (212) 360-2766. If you would like to take a stroll in the garden and consider it as a venue, the nearest Park entrance to the Conservatory Garden is at 105th street.

From a hip, non-traditional space to a dash of classic romance or the freshness of an outdoor ceremony, Manhattan truly has something to offer every modern young couple.

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